AllianceLorekeeper Vaeldrin
Image of Lorekeeper Vaeldrin
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Class Priest[1]
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Location Incursion, Shattered Convoy, and Sentinel Basecamp, Krasarang Wilds
Status Deceased[2]
Relative(s) Lyalia (daughter)

Lorekeeper Vaeldrin was a night elf who sought to restore his people's immortality. Having found some scrolls that predated even Queen Azshara, Vaeldrin convinced Tyrande Whisperwind to approve his mission to find a power that would grant them eternal life once more. Tyrande at first did not approve of the mission, but after she received a vision in which she saw a light that needed to be defended, she appointed Lyalia to lead Sentinels and accompany Vaeldrin into the new-found continent. After he opened a portal to a place of a secret power, his team ended up in the Krasarang Wilds, where they were caught in a mogu trap[3] which siphoned life force, much like a warlock siphons life off their victims, and redistributed it.[4]

Eventually, they were freed and Vaeldrin began investigating mogu relics in order to find the Pools of Youth, which he believed would restore the night elves' immortality. Alliance adventurers indeed found and brought the water from the pool to him. Nevertheless, he drank it only to discover that the waters only transfer life. Soon afterwards, the night elves moved to the west of the wilds where Vaeldrin was helping pandaren running from Stoneplow. Eventually, he received a vision in which he saw that his daughter was kidnapped by Groundbreaker Brojai. Vaeldrin immediately ventured to her only to find her and Kor Bloodtusk killed by Brojai. Brojai was killed and after turning away from Dezco, he took Lyalia's body to camp. Vaeldrin used the waters of youth, transferring his own life force to Lyalia's body, and thereby sacrificing himself so that his daughter might live again.


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  • The Pools of Youth were an ancient fable my grandsires told me long ago. Now this old man intends to find them!
I used to live only for the pursuit of knowledge.
Now I spend every waking hour searching for a way for our people to rekindle our lost immortality.
  • My daughter Lyalia would have me spend the rest of my days cleaning a temple.
Bah! I have never felt so alive as when I chose to step through the portal to this strange and beautiful land.
  • Gossip What are you doing here?
We are on a quest to find the Pools of Youth!
The fabled waters were a boon of a mysterious lost civilization that predated Queen Azshara.
With these waters, we will be able to restory the glory of immortality to the kal'dorei.


Fighting Krasari Mogu
Lorekeeper Vaeldrin whispers: What strange and fascinating creatures. Tall, burly, with almost metallic skin. I must research these creatures.
In the Krasari Ruins
Look at these ruins, <name>! What sort of empire built them I wonder.


  • Transfer Life
  • Mana Burn



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As some of the Shen'dralar residents within Eldre'Thalas were indeed priests, such as Magister Kalendris, and as his attire seems to resemble that of its kaldorei magi, it is possible Vaeldrin is one of the Highborne from the city, his counterpart being Sunwalker Dezco, also part of a new class added to the tauren during the Cataclysm.

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