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For the achievement, see Achievement faction lorewalkers [The Lorewalkers].
Main leader IconSmall Cho Lorewalker Cho[1]
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Jinyu Jinyu
Base of operations Seat of Knowledge, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Theater of operations Pandaria
Affiliation Pandaren Empire
Status Active
Token(s) Inv crate 04 [Restored Artifact]
Quartermaster IconSmall Pandaren Female Tan Shin Tiao
Notable reward(s) Ability mount cloudmount [Disc of the Red Flying Cloud]
"I am known as a Lorewalker - a kind of historian for my people. As such, knowledge is my armor, and I carry a quill in place of a sword. Much of Pandaria's past is shrouded in mystery, even to us. A Lorewalker's sworn duty is to rediscover our history - to rend that shroud, piece by piece. This demands a tireless search for ancient clues, and the wisdom to interpret them."[2]
Lorewalker Cho

The Lorewalkers are a pandaren faction bent on exploring the world, finding stories, artifacts, and relics to fill out their libraries.[3]


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The organization known as the Lorewalkers was founded in the years following the pandaren revolution. A pandaren by the name of Song wandered across the land, spreading the stories and teachings of the late rebel leader Kang and encouring everyone he met to find emotional balance within themselves. Other soon began to follow in Song's footsteps, becoming not only skilled storytellers, but also conflict mediators, able to use allegories and parables to resolve tense situations.[4]

Lorevaults are secret places for the Lorewalkers to store the dangerous artifacts. The Lorewalkers used their magic to conjure pandaren stories to protect the vaults. The stories often send a message to those who encountered them. In order to solve the puzzles and break the spells, those who are trapped within must understand the moral of the stories.[5]

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During his journey to craft a potion that could cleanse someone of the Old Gods' corruption, Wrathion made acquaintance with the Lorewalkers. In his journal, he mentioned that the sheer volume of knowledge to be found within their scrolls was marvelous to behold. Lorewalker Cho notably taught him much about the legends of the Black Empire.[6]

Known members[]

On the Wandering Isle


Faction description[]

Caretakers of the mysteries of Pandaria, these brave souls roam the continent, hoping to learn from their history.


All reputation gains with the Lorewalkers are from interacting with the various lore objects around Pandaria and earning the achievements for finding them all.

Mists of Pandaria exploration achievements


Tan Shin Tiao
<Lorewalkers Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Revered Achievement faction lorewalkers [Grand Commendation of the Lorewalkers] 50g Rep token
Inv misc punchcards yellow [Music Roll: Song of Liu Lang] 80g Garrison Jukebox
Exalted Inv misc map08 [Lorewalker's Map] 1 Restored Artifact Archaeology revamp
Inv stone sharpeningstone 01 [Lorewalker's Lodestone] 1 Restored Artifact Archaeology teleport
Inv misc enggizmos 18 [Mantid Artifact Hunter's Kit] 2 Restored Artifact Archaeology revamp
Ability mount cloudmount [Disc of the Red Flying Cloud] 600g Riding (225)
Inv misc tabard lorewalkers [Lorewalkers Tabard] 10g Tabard


Optional breadcrumb: B [30-35] The Lorewalkers

  1. N [30-35] Your Private Collection
  2. One each day:
  3. Upon completing achievements:



  • You won't use this faction to get best-in-slot gear, but in finding and returning books, you'll act out all of the new stories. If you are interested in the lore, this is for you. If you just care about the gear, you can skip them and it's fine.[3] This is, however, an easy exalted reputation to get, if you look up the locations of all the books. Some people have reported getting this done in an hour or so. And while there is no weapons or armor, the mount you get at exalted for 500g is pretty cheap!
  • Early MoP previews referred to them as Loremasters.

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