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AllianceLorin Remka
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Title Major
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Alliance of Lordaeron
Durnholde Keep
Former occupation(s) Commander of an internment camp
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Companion(s) Greekik (slave)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Lorin Remka was the commander of one of the many internment camps where the orcs were held after the Second War. During the Second War, Remka disguised herself as a male to join the Alliance army so she could avenge the killing of her family and the sacking of her village. Her deception was discovered, and her commander placed her at the front lines hoping she would be killed (to spare himself the trouble of reporting her). She survived, however, and took great pleasure in killing orcs in combat — even going so far as to cover her face with their blood to mark her victory.[1]

Remka apparently enjoyed as much luxury as she was able while in command of her internment camp — even using a female orc slave named Greekik as one of her servants. When Thrall was captured and held there, word reached Aedelas Blackmoore, master of the internment camps, at his fortress of Durnholde Keep — and he immediately traveled to the encampment to retrieve his "pet orc".[2] However, Remka's orc servant warned Thrall of Blackmoore's arrival and the future warchief took the opportunity to escape from Remka's camp.[3]

Upon realizing that Thrall had been there, but had managed to escape, Blackmoore demoted Remka and placed one of her lieutenants, Waryk, in command of the camp.[4]

Her status is unknown.


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