The Lost Estate.

The Lost Estate is located in the Forgotten Cove, below the Precipice of Oblivion in Stormsong Valley.


Notes and trivia

  • This area, the NPCs and related mobs, and the quests involved here, are all references to and based off of the game Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook. This is further confirmed by the presence of an insanity-like mechanic, as well as "curios" that can be interacted with for buffs/debuffs, both popular mechanics of that game.
  • In front of the Lost Estate, there is a statue covered in seaweed that re-uses Daelin Proudmoore's statue in Boralus. Underneath the statue you can make out the use of a compass motif used in Proudmoore Keep and Proudmoore Academy.
  • Erdin Fain and Leanne Rasmussen only appear during the quest B [50] Twist the Knife.