NeutralLost Records
Start Tal-Galan [34.9, 35.1]
End Tal-Galan [34.9, 35.1]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Experience 8,150
Reputation +75 Death's Advance
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous N [60] The Anima Trail
Next N [60] Hooking Over

Cracked Record


Use the Matrix Beacon to recover 3 Lost Recordings.


The Primus again

We may be able to find more records here relating to the Primus and what he stored in Korthia.

Some of the record keepers fled to this mountain when Korthia was pulled into the Maw.

I see no sign of them here, but their records may be left behind.

Take this beacon. I fashioned it using information from the previous record keepers you rescued.

It should be able to lead you to any intact records that are on this mountain.


You will receive:


Have you recovered the records?


Excellent... I should be able to extract the Primus's message from these records.


Pick up N [60] Bone Tools before heading out.

Use the provided  [Matrix Beacon], then follow the sonar pings to reveal hidden Cracked Records.

On complete:

The Primus says: ...from reaching the Sepulcher. This must not come to pass.
The Primus says: Even locking my sigil away here may not be enough to--


Optional breadcrumb for alts: N [60] Korthia Awaits

  1. N [60] Vault of Secrets
  2. N [60] Vengeance for Korthia, N [60] The Knowledge Keepers, N [60] Let the Anima Flow
  3. N [60] Secrets of the Vault
  4. N [60] The Anima Trail
  5. N [60] Lost Records, N [60] Bone Tools
  6. N [60] Hooking Over
  7. N [60] To the Vault
  8. N [60] Defending the Vault, N [60] Keepers of Korthia
  9. N [60] Into the Vault
  10. N [60] Untangling the Sigil
  11. N [60] The Primus Returns

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