Lost Sailors' Memorial.

The Lost Sailors' Memorial is a cenotaph found at a graveyard in Drustvar. Emily Mayville can be found kneeling in front of it.


Lost Sailors' Memorial

In search of the next horizon, I follow a constant star, the sea is vast and empty, the journey takes me far.

Darkness falls, the wind now howls, the sky no longer cleared. Straining eyes search the skies but the stars have disappeared.

Through squall and storm, wind and rain, White Lady guide my path, shine through and bless me with protection from the sea's mighty wrath.

The winds rise, my ship is tossed, our course I fight to keep, struggling against the tides, we are pulled into the deep.

Blue Child comfort the one I love, the one I left alone, the sea is a cruel misstress; I'll not be returning home.


  • The statue used in the memorial is a broken night elf statue asset used in the Broken Isles and the Tomb of Sargeras.
  • It is the only mention of explicit moon worship on Kul Tiras, calling upon the intervention of the White Lady and Blue Child.


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