Lost Veil pale

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MobLost Veil pale
Lost Veil pale.jpg
Main leader IconSmall DirePale.gif Shadow Hulk (presumed)
Race(s) IconSmall Pale.gif Pale orc
Base of operations Lost Veil Anzu
Theater of operations Spires of Arak
Language(s) Unknown
Status Active

The Lost Veil pale is a group of pale orcs that dwell at Lost Veil Anzu in the Spires of Arak. Deep below in the cave, the third key to find the  [Amulet of Rukhmar] is left on the ground.[1]

Alliance and Horde soldiers sent in their best scouts inside their dwelling to never return. Adventurers going in the area have a merciless one attaches itself to a host, forcing the adventurer to to its bidding such as consuming the plants in the cave and killing everything around it. Ultimately, they are turned into while mutations.[2]

They appear to be enemies of the Arakkoa Outcasts for they occupy the cave named after Anzu and they give reputation for every kill.