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AllianceLost and Forgotten
Start Brother Pike
End Brother Pike
Level 35-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 16,450
Reputation +150 Storm's Wake
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [35-50] A Bridge Too Far
Next A [35-50] The Final Ascent


Fill the Dead Ringer with souls.


We have seen firsthand the depravity that has taken hold of my former brethren. The time has come to put an end to it.

The path ahead is no doubt packed with Lord Stormsong's cultists and their soulwrought elementals. I will absorb their souls as they fall with the Dead Ringer, as you once did.

However, there will be no release for these fiends... not this time. We will need them to pry open the final door to the Shrine.


You will receive:


This burden is ours to bear, but I am glad we do not bear it alone.


Mourn not for the fallen. We do what we must to save our people.


Pick up A [35-50] Sealed Fate before heading out.

On accept of both:

Taelia says: We're with you!

Brother Pike, Taelia, and Samuel Williams join the adventurer.

Step on to Kraken's Reach:

Brother Pike says: Tread carefully. This span's name is well-earned.
Samuel Williams says: Writhing... twisting... the whispers...

Start killing everything that moves.

Taelia says: For my father!
Brother Pike says: You are beyond redemption.
Brother Pike says: May your soul languish forevermore.
Brother Pike says: Hear our people's cries, and know your time has come.
Brother Pike says: Fear not, for your judgment is at hand.
Brother Pike says: You stand for naught but hatred and suffering.
Brother Pike says: May the depths reject you, as you have your people.


  1. A [35-50] A House Divided
  2. Complete all of:
    1. A [35-50] The Storm Awakens & A [35-50] Twisted Intentions
    2. A [35-50] The Abyssal Council
  3. A [35-50] Eye of the Storm
  4. A [35-50] A Bridge Too Far
  5. A [35-50] Lost and Forgotten & A [35-50] Sealed Fate
  6. A [35-50] The Final Ascent
  7. A [35-50] Storm's End

Outbound breadcrumbs: A [35-50] A New Dawn, A [35-50D] Shrine of the Storm: Whispers Below

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