Lost at Sea

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For the shop in Boralus, see Lost At Sea.
WarriorLost at Sea
Level 102 (760)
Duration 1 hour
Followers 3
Type Campaign
Enemies Wavemistress S'revess
Zithreenai Tidecaller
Deep Ocean Currents
Cost 50 Order Resources
Champion XP 600
Bonus Chest  [Crate of Champion Equipment]


Powerful armaments were lost when the great ship Vaesska sank at sea. Send your armies to retrieve them and strengthen our forces!


  • Wavemistress S'revess: Powerful
  • Zithreenai Tidecaller: Slowing Disorienting Cursed
  • Deep Ocean Currents: Slowing Disorienting Cursed


  • 600 follower XP


You will receive:
Inv eng crate.png [Crate of Champion Equipment]

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