Lotwil Veriatus

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NeutralLotwil Veriatus
Image of Lotwil Veriatus
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 36
Class Techno mage (presumed)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Enlightened Assembly of Arcanology, Alchemy and Engineering Sciences
Occupation Scholar
Location The Dustbowl, Badlands
Status Unknown
Companion(s) Lucien Tosselwrench (research assistant), Servo (mechanical guardian)

Lotwil Veriatus is a gnome located in a small camp just east of Kargath in the Badlands.

He is a scholar of some renown in the field of elemental sciences.[1]

Lotwil and the goblin Bro'kin are good friends.


Born in Kharanos, this gnome wanted to build a University for the Enlightened Assembly of Arcanology, Alchemy and Engineering Sciences. He was stationed together with his sarcastic assistant Lucien Tosselwrench and his robot guardian Servo, working on his last project: shackles of elemental binding. This proved to be quite unsuccessful, summoning an elemental of big proportions. He was very absent-minded, and was very focused on his work. He liked to join everything together: in his last project, engineering, alchemy and arcane arts were joined together to... fail.

Before the Third War, Lotwil killed Golem Lord Argelmach.[2]

Lotwil has been missing since the Cataclysm. It is possible he was killed by the encroaching black dragonflight. This may help to explain why his assistant Lucien is now prone to drink heavily, and also why Lucien harbors a deep hatred for Deathwing.





How perfect of you to come by, <class>.

My name is Lotwil Veriatus, founding member of the Enlightened Assembly of Arcanology, Alchemy, and Engineering Sciences: we seek to blend the intelligent species of Azeroth together into one comprehensive school.

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