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Lua (from the Portuguese word for moon) is the scripting language used by World of Warcraft for Interface Customization. Only a subset of version 5.1 of the official Lua specification is implemented, and should suit most addon maker's needs. More information about Lua can be found on the official Lua FAQ.

Programming references[]

These are not so many guides or tutorials, but a place to look for information on the Lua language itself. The reader should be somewhat familiar with programming in general.

Official Reference Manual
contains syntax and basic commands, but is heavy-going for readers without a programming background (Luai: alternative way of browsing the manual)
Programming in Lua
the definitive Lua guide by Roberto Ierusalimschy. Online version
Lua user group with a Wiki which includes a FAQ, tutorials and extended help on many topics. The group also hosts a mailing list (with past archive) and a IRC channel, #lua at Lastly, their LuaLinks page is very extensive.

Author Resources[]

Main article: UI FAQ/AddOn Author Resources
  • Lua editors - List of editors to write Lua code.
  • WoWBench - Now-defunct project to emulate WoW.
  • Lua 5.1.1 WoW: distribution created by cogwheel that includes everything needed for addon development

Patch changes[]

  • Bc icon Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05): Upgraded to Lua 5.1.1[1]
    Previously upgraded from Lua 4.x to Lua 5.0 some time between the beta and early retail versions.

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