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AllianceLucan Foxblood
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Stormwind
Occupation Druid student, Chief cartographer of King Varian Wrynn
Former occupation(s) Third assistant cartographer
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Hamuul Runetotem (teacher), Lord Edrias Ulnur (cartography master, formerly)
Companion(s) Eranikus ("savior")
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Lucan Foxblood is the Chief cartographer of King Varian Wrynn and a citizen of Stormwind City. He has a special power to shift in and out of the Emerald Dream and Azeroth. His hair is described as sandy hair.

He was briefly a soldier but didn't fight in any war. He is over 30 years old.


When the Emerald Nightmare began spreading and claimed its first victims in Stormwind, Lucan found himself drawn towards something which he didn't quite understand. During his seemingly endless trip, he found himself losing his connection to reality now and then. He was walking day and night, afraid that if he ever lay down to sleep he wouldn't wake up again. After weeks of his strange trip into the unknown, he found himself in the city of Auberdine where after finding more victims of the Nightmare, he met Tyrande Whisperwind and Broll Bearmantle. Lucan rescued them by teleporting them out of there. He told the night elves who he was and when the trio spotted a black dragon, Lucan again teleported. Now they materialized near a cave, where the dragon was hiding. Lucan claimed that the dragon was green not black. He ventured into the cave, where that dragon really was. It was revealed that he is Ysera's consort Eranikus. The dragon told the truth about Lucan, that he was born within the Emerald Dream after an unknown fey creature stole his mother there to use her unborn child for some nefarious purpose. His birth mother passed away in childbirth. His birth tied him to Ysera's consort Eranikus who gave the newborn the energy to live out of mercy, thus giving Lucan the ability to travel between Azeroth and the Emerald Dream at will. He ended up with Korialstrasz, who had a good relationship with humans and thus would be in a position to ensure that Lucan would end up with a good foster family. Lucan however, does not have the ability to chose where his shifting takes him within either of these dimensions. Traveling into the Emerald Dream usually results in appearing near Eranikus since his ability is tied to the consort.

After this revelation, he separated from the group only to be encountered by an orc female, Thura, who was following the trio. Lucan eventually used his power to teleport, but he also inadvertently teleported Thura in the process and did not come back. the human and the orc were trapped in the Emerald Dream, and what's worse, in danger of the spreading Emerald Nightmare. Thura ordered him to take her to Malfurion Stormrage. Later on, she sensed her target was near so she let Lucan go. Eventually, he found Tyrande, Broll, and Eranikus, to whom he explained everything about Thura and her plan to kill Malfurion. Tyrande and Broll went to rescue Malfurion and Lucan, later on, left Eranikus and joined the night elves just in time to see Thura cut the tree that was imprisoning the archdruid. The entire event, however, was a ploy by the Nightmare to lure Ysera out in the open and trap her within the Eye of Ysera. Lucan remained with the night elves and the orc as they escaped the Emerald Dream. As they were flying to safety, Emeriss attacked them, causing the group to be tossed into a portal to Azeroth. There they were attacked by corrupted Gnarl and all of them except Lucan were overwhelmed by their nightmares. Eventually, Lucan used his power and teleported them into the Emerald Dream once more. They materialized next to Eranikus, who was too saddened by Ysera's imprisonment to be of any use so he once more used his power and materialized to Stormwind. He then accompanied the group to King Varian Wrynn and then to a night elf ambassador. He, alongside Thura, helped Tyrande to calm the dreaming ambassador and teleported once more; this time to the Emerald Nightmare. There, they were taken as prisoners by Emeriss and Lethon, who tried to steal Thura's axe. In that moment, Tyrande created a diversion while Lucan teleported Thura and himself to Eranikus. Unfortunately, the axe and Tyrande remained behind within the Emerald Nightmare.

Meanwhile, a mortal army led by Varian and Malfurion attacked the Emerald Dream, and Eranikus transported Lucan and Thura to the axe's location. Lucan however, teleported near Ysera and helped her to communicate with Malfurion. After Thura was delivered to the axe's location, Eranikus heard Ysera's voice. Eranikus went to release Ysera from her imprisonment, though he succeeded only after he sacrificed himself. After Ysera was freed, the Dragon Aspect and Lucan teleported to Darnassus.

After the events regarding the Emerald Nightmare he is taken up as a student of Hamuul Runetotem to further utilize his unique abilities and was present at the wedding of Tyrande and Malfurion. King Varian Wrynn also promoted him from an assistant to the chief cartographer.[1]

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Preceded by:
Lord Edrias Ulnur
Chief Cartographer to King Varian Wrynn
Succeeded by: