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  • Luck of the Lotus
  • You can sometimes find extra treasure from creatures in Pandaria. Effect persists through death.
  • Duration: 15 minutes

Luck of the Lotus is a 15-minute buff gained by herbalists from gathering a  [Golden Lotus]. It is functionally identical to the effect gained from  [Potion of Luck], although its duration is slightly shorter. The two buffs are mutually exclusive.


Rather than simply increasing the amount of items looted from creatures, Luck of the Lotus gives the player a small chance of looting  [Plundered Treasure] from mobs, in addition to any regular loot dropped.


Luck of the Lotus will not be acquired by a player if they have the Potion of Luck buff active with a duration greater than 15 minutes remaining. This ensures that players will not suffer from gathering Golden Lotuses.

Luck of the Lotus is only acquired through harvesting the  [Golden Lotus] itself; Golden Lotus will occasionally drop when gathering other Pandaria herbs, but this will not grant the buff.

The buff also occurs only when the Golden Lotus is gathered in the wild. It is not given when the Golden Lotus is harvested from Sunsong Ranch as the result of planting an  [Enigma Seed].

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