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In Warcraft I.

Lumber (or wood[1] and timber[2]) is a resource that is harvested by lumberjacks and is generally taken to be processed in a lumber mill.

Lumber is one of the main resources that is used in the Warcraft RTS games. It is harvested by worker units from nearby trees and forests. In Outland and in certain underground maps, lumber can be harvested from large mushrooms.

Wood warped by foul demonic magic is of no use to builders, and nothing sound can be built with it, but ancients can purify it for use.[3]


WC2BnE-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.

In Warcraft II.

Harvested from the abundant forests that inhabit all but a few regions in the realm, the uses for Lumber are nearly infinite. Once a tree has been felled and returned to the community, it is processed and made ready for use as Lumber. Craftsmen then use this material to build many different structures and ships, as well as certain weapons and machines of war. Lumber may also be used in the research and construction of strange new devices - or by those adept in the arcane arts to aid with their magical studies.[4]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Inv tradeskillitem 02 [Kor'kron Lumber] was a cornerstone of the conflict between Kor'kron loyalists and the Darkspear Rebellion.


Symbols of lumber by game:

  • WC1Lumber WCOnH logo
  • SmLumberWC2 WC2BnE-logo
  • WC3lumber WC3RoC-logo
  • INV TradeskillItem 01 INV TradeskillItem 03 WoW Icon update

Types of lumber[]

Types of trees[]


Night elven ballistae were crafted from the sturdy ashenwood trees.[6] This may be the same kind of wood later referred to by the Ashwood Seeds, the Inv weapon bow 01 [Ashwood Bow] and the Inv staff 2h nightelfdruid c 01 [Restorative Ashwood Staff].

Whitestone oak[]

A rare wood that is plenty strong. Before it was taken over, the mines below Moonbrook in Westfall had an abundance of the lumber; they used it in the construction of some of their more important lattices and tools because of its resilience to heat and pressure. It was brought down there after being shipped from overseas somewhere.[7] Jordan Stilwell required some of it to craft the mighty Inv hammer 05 [Verigan's Fist].


In Cataclysm, a new type of green random item was introduced, the Irontree items:

It is unknown if the Irontree wood and Ironwood trees are linked.


  • A full list of all plants ever mentioned in the lore has been compiled here.
  • During the Third War, when the orcs arrived on Kalimdor, they needed large amounts of lumber. They unwittingly enraged the night elves by chopping down trees in sacred forests, and several battles escalated.[8]
  • During the Third War secrets were sometimes hidden behind forests, and thus harvesting lumber at the right place could lead to goodies or new pathways.

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