HordeLumbering Oafs
Start Dispatch Commander Ruag [49.4, 55.4]
End Dispatch Commander Ruag [49.4, 55.4]
Level 15-30
Category Swamp of Sorrows
Experience 7,890
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards  [Helm of the Gatherer] or  [Merciless Breastplate] or  [Balanced Pauldrons]
Previous H [15-30] To Stonard
Next Tides of Darkness, B [15-30] Reinforcements Denied, B [15-30] Marking the Fallen
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [15-30] Lumbering Oafs.


Slay 5 Marshtide Peasants.


We are outnumbered by the Alliance. In their fear they send an army to crush a single settlement. But we will not give!

Without resources, their soldiers will be at a disadvantage. Human peasants busy themselves in the woods outside Marshtide Watch, gathering lumber to rebuild their crumbling walls.

Deny them the wood, and their lives.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 180v1.png [Helm of the Gatherer] Inv chest mail 17v3.png [Merciless Breastplate]
Inv shoulder 137.png [Balanced Pauldrons]

You will also receive: 80s


If you have a complaint about killing peasants, <race>, give me a moment to spit in disgust.


No true member of the Horde should find pleasure in killing such terrified weaklings... without challenge, victory has no true thrill.

But your dirty work has helped stave off the Alliance and protect our homes here. Be proud of your work for the Horde.


Pick up B [15-30] Orcs and Humans before heading out.

Exit town to the northeast and start killing. Pretty much anything red that moves. The peasants are on the north side of the Bloodmire, closer to Marshtide Watch.


  1. B [15-30] Orcs and Humans & B [15-30] Lumbering Oafs
  2. B [15-30] Tides of Darkness & B [15-30] Reinforcements Denied & B [15-30] Marking the Fallen
  3. A [15-30] Assault on Stonard / H [15-30] We're Under Attack!
  4. H [15-30] Neeka Bloodscar (optional breadcrumb to Neeka)

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