Luminous Luminaries
Calendar VashjirDivingDay.png
Duration July 13
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The subject of this article or section is part of the Luminous Luminaries, a micro-world event, lasting a very short time.

The Luminous Luminaries is an event in which adventurers go to Vashj'ir to gather  [Luminescent Research Notes] for Bo Bobble and Max Megablast who can be found by Edgar Fish 'N' Sea their submarine. Bringing luminescent creatures back to the submarine will cause it to scan you, and grant you notes for each creature collected. Be mindful of the Whale Shark, who will eat you if you have your lamp on. The submarine will not be able to scan you, if your light is off.


G.G. Engineering has discovered luminescent creatures in the depths of Vashj'ir. They need your help to research the creatures before they disappear into the deep sea once again!


Bo Bobble says: We've identified three unique species of luminescent creatures in this vicinity.
Max Megablast says: Why can't you just say "glowing" like a normal person?
Bo Bobble says: Bring those creatures here and Edgar will research them.
Bo Bobble says: You will receive notes directly from your helmet into your backpack.
Max Megablast says: Cool, huh? Oh, and Edgar is our submarine.
Bo Bobble says: Your voluntary participation in this experiment will be compensated with incentives.
Max Megablast says: He means talk to me and I'll give you some cool doohickeys once you have enough research notes.
Bo Bobble says: Be wary of whale sharks. They seem to be attracted to glowing lights.
Max Megablast says: And by "attracted to," he means they'll eat you if your light's on!



  • During testing, the event was referenced to, as both Vashj'ir Diving Day and Luminous Luminaries, the latter being the one that stuck.

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