A Lunar Festival elder.

During the Lunar Festival, 84 Lunar Festival Elders appear around the world; some are located in towns, others in instances, and yet more are simply in the wild. You can receive a  [Coin of Ancestry] from each Elder once a year. Elders may also tell you the location of up to 5 other Elders in nearby zones.

Coins of Ancestry can be turned in for several tailoring and engineering patterns, as well as other items. Each coin you receive also generates 75 faction reputation with either the Horde or Alliance. Not counting guild reputation increases, this would give a total of 6300 for most races and 6930 for humans if all 84 Coins of Ancestry are gathered. Furthermore, each Elder you visit will reward you with a  [Lucky Red Envelope] which contains a  [Lucky Rocket Cluster] or an  [Elder's Moonstone]. Using the Lucky Rocket Cluster gives you the [Lunar Fortune] buff (+250 health).

Through the Achievement system, players are rewarded for participating in the Lunar Festival. A total of 190 Achievement point achievement points are available from completing the festival-related achievements. Upon completing all of the Lunar Festival achievements, you will complete the world event achievement  To Honor One's Elders which gives the <Elder> title.

Collection Guides

The above guides give directions for finding all elders, except the three elders found in Deepholm and Vashj'ir.

Elder locations

NOTE: The coordinates displayed on the map pin tooltips are not precise. Use the coordinates in the tables for navigation. This applies to all maps on this page.

Alliance cities

3  [Elders of the Alliance]
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Bladeswift Darnassus [39, 32] Center of the Cenarion Enclave
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Bronzebeard Ironforge [29, 16] Mystic Ward
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Hammershout Elwynn Forest [34, 50] Right outside Stormwind Gates

Horde cities

3  [Elders of the Horde]
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Darkhorn Orgrimmar [52, 60] Center of Orgrimmar, near the Flight Master
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Wheathoof Thunder Bluff [72, 23] Elder Rise, between two trees
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Darkcore Undercity [67, 38] Upstairs in the throne room


21  [Elders of Kalimdor]
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Riversong Ashenvale [35, 48] Astranaar, west of the building that used to be the Inn, just inside the small shrine
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Skygleam Azshara [64, 79] Ravencrest Monument, between the legs of the monument
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif High Mountain S. Barrens [41.5, 47.5] Vendetta Point, near the flight master
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Moonwarden N. Barrens [48.5, 59.2] The Crossroads, near the flight master
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Windtotem N. Barrens [68, 70] In Ratchet, outside the Engineering building north of the bank
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Starweave Darkshore [49.5, 19.0] West of Lor'danel. Talk with Zidormi to go to the past.[48, 24]
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Runetotem Durotar [53, 43] Razor Hill, next to flight master
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Nightwind Felwood [37, 52] Just North of Jaedenar
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Grimtotem Feralas [76, 37] Lariss Pavilion, NE of Camp Mojache
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Mistwalker Feralas [62, 31] Inside The Maul
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Bloodhoof Mulgore [48, 53] North of Bloodhoof Village, next to the bridge of Stonebull Lake
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Bladesing Silithus [53, 35] Standing in the moonwell in Cenarion Hold. Must not be in the Silithus: The Wound, talk with Zidormi[78, 21]
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Primestone Silithus [30.7, 13.3] Center of the Crystal Vale, NW Silithus. Must not be in the Silithus: The Wound, talk with Zidormi[78, 21]
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Dreamseer Tanaris [51, 28] Gadgetzan
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Ragetotem Tanaris [37, 79] Valley of the Watchers (Uldum) - West side
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Bladeleaf Teldrassil [57, 53] Dolanaar, near cooking trainer
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Skyseer Thousand Needles [45, 50] Middle of Freewind Post
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Morningdew Thousand Needles [77.0, 75.6] On the speedbarge raft
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Thunderhorn Un'Goro Crater [51, 75] Just north of the Slithering Scar
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Brightspear Winterspring [53.0, 56.7] South Eastern edge of Lake Kel'Theril
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Stonespire Winterspring [60.0, 50.0] Center of Everlook

Eastern Kingdoms

17  [Elders of Eastern Kingdoms]
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Bellowrage Blasted Lands [54, 49] Dark Portal
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Rumblerock Burning Steppes [70, 45] Dreadmaul Rock
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Dawnstrider Burning Steppes [53, 24] Flame Crest (west of FP)
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Goldwell Dun Morogh [53, 49] Kharanos
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Windrun Eastern Plaguelands [35, 68] Inside the Crown Guard Tower, north of Darrowshire
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Snowcrown Eastern Plaguelands [75, 54] Light's Hope Chapel
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Stormbrow Elwynn Forest [40, 63] Pond at Goldshire
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Highpeak Hinterlands [50, 48] Creeping Ruin
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Silvervein Loch Modan [33, 46] Thelsamar (on the hill by the graveyard)
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Ironband Searing Gorge [21, 79] Blackchar Cave
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Obsidian Silverpine Forest [45, 41] The Sepulcher
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Starglade Northern Strangletorn [71, 34] Zul'Gurub, to the right before the steps
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Winterhoof The Cape of Stranglethorn [39, 72] Booty Bay (near Horde flight master on top of the bank)
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Graveborn Tirisfal Glades [61, 53] Brill
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Moonstrike Western Plaguelands [69, 73] Caer Darrow (Scholomance), on the roof
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Meadowrun Western Plaguelands [63, 36] Inside The Weeping Cave
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Skychaser Westfall [56, 47] Sentinel Hill, on top of the tower


18  [Elders of Northrend]Wrath of the Lich King
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Arp Borean Tundra [57.4, 43.7] D.E.H.T.A camp.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Northal Borean Tundra [33.8, 34.4] Transitus Shield.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Pamuya Borean Tundra [43, 49.6] Just north of Warsong Hold.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Sardis| Borean Tundra [59.1, 65.6] Just north of Valiance Keep.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Morthie Dragonblight [29.8, 55.9] Star's Rest.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Skywarden Dragonblight [35.1, 48.4] Agmar's Hammer.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Thoim Dragonblight [48.8, 78.2] The docks of Moa'ki Harbor.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Beldak Grizzly Hills [60.5, 27.6] Westfall Brigade Encampment.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Lunaro Grizzly Hills [80.5, 37.1] Ruins of Tethys.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Whurain Grizzy Hills [64.1, 47] Camp Onequah.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Bluewolf Lake Wintergrasp [49, 14] In the WG fortress, your faction must control it.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Sandrene Sholazar Basin [49.8, 63.6] Near Lakeside Landing at River's Heart.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Wanikaya Sholazar Basin [63.8, 49] Near Avatar of Freya, Rainspeaker Rapids.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Fargal Storm Peaks [28.9, 73.7] Frosthold.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Graymane Storm Peaks [41.2, 84.7] K3.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Muraco Storm Peaks [64.6, 51.3] Camp Taunka'lo.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Stonebeard Storm Peaks [31.3, 37.6] Inside Bouldercrag's Refuge.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Tauros Zul'Drak [58.9, 56] Zim'Torga.


9  [Elders of Cataclysm]Cataclysm
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Stonebrand Deepholm [50, 55] Temple of Earth
IconSmall FrostDwarf Male.gif Deepforge Deepholm [28, 69] Stonehearth
IconSmall Tol'vir.gif Menkhaf Uldum [66, 19] Khartut's Tomb
IconSmall Tol'vir.gif Sekhemi Uldum [32, 63] Ruins of Ammon
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Darkfeather Twilight Highlands [52, 33] Thundermar Ruins
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Firebeard Twilight Highlands [51, 71] Dunwald Ruins
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Evershade| Mount Hyjal [63, 23] Nordrassil Inn
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Windsong Mount Hyjal [27, 62] Sanctuary of Malorne
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Moonlance Vashj'ir [57, 86] Biel'aran Ridge


13  [Elders of the Dungeons]
Elder Zone Coords Description
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Morndeep Blackrock Depths [50.54, 62.90] Inside the Ring of Law.
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Stonefort Lower Blackrock Spire [61.81, 40.00] At the first of the rope bridges.
IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif Splitrock Maraudon [51.47, 93.71] Zaetar's Grave caves.
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Farwhisper Stratholme [78.62, 22.17] North part of Festival Lane (Near The Unforgiven).
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Starsong Temple of Atal'Hakkar [62.93, 34.48] Sunken Temple (turn left after first 2 mobs).
IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Wildmane Zul'Farrak [34.49, 39.37] SE corner of the room where the gong to summon Gahz'rilla is.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Jarten Utgarde Keep Wrath of the Lich King [47.60, 70.20] Past the Prince Keleseth's room. To the left after the first set of stairs.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Igasho The Nexus Wrath of the Lich King [55.21, 64.73] Ormorok the Tree-Shaper's ramp, to the right.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Nurgen Azjol-Nerub Wrath of the Lich King [21.80, 43.60] Jump down the hole after Hadronox, to the rear left.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Kilias Drak'Tharon Keep Wrath of the Lich King [68.60, 80.90] To the left in King Dred's pen.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Ohanzee Gundrak Wrath of the Lich King [45.60, 62.00] Ohanzee can be found behind the Drakkari Colossus.
IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif Yurauk Halls of Stone Wrath of the Lich King [29.10, 60.90] Yurauk the Elder is located on the way to Krystallus.
IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Chogan'gada Utgarde Pinnacle Wrath of the Lich King [48.60, 22.00] Under the stairs after Skadi the Ruthless.


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