Lunar Preservation

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NeutralLunar Preservation
Start Myrael Lunarbloom
End Myrael Lunarbloom
Level 60 (Requires 1)
Category Lunar Festival
Experience 850
Rewards  [Coin of Ancestry] x25
23g 40s
Next N [60] Crown of Courage
N [60] Crown of Prosperity
N [60] Crown of Dark Blossoms
N [60] Crown of Good Fortune
Alliance Lunar light.png

The subject of this article or section is part of the Lunar Festival, a seasonal event that lasts several weeks. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

The Rite of the Moon.

Lunar Preservation is the starting quest for players to be able to transmogrify the Lunar Festival flower crowns when the world event is not active.


Perform the Rite of the Moon at the moonwells scattered around the world. You can find them in Ashenvale, Felwood, Feralas, Moonglade, Stonetalon Mountains, Duskwood, and Mount Hyjal.

If you let the Blessing of the Moon expire, you will have to start over.


My staff has served me well for many years. It has stood by my side, been through many trials... and as I grow older I find myself leaning on it more and more.

Its flowers bloom every Lunar Festival, basking in the Elune's might. They bring me so much joy, I wish for them to stay all year long. I know a way... but my bones are too old to make the trip.

Perhaps you would take the journey for me? Empower my staff in the light of the moon at the moonwells around the world. Then my flowers can stay.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 850 XP
  • 25 Coin of Ancestry


Flowers flourish under Elune's light. She was always known to cherish them.


You've done it! I can feel Elune's power within. Now I can enjoy the company of my flowers for the rest of my days.

Perhaps I can do the same for you. If you have flowers you wish to preserve, bring them to me. I may be able to help.


Note: Doing Mount Hyjal may likely bug out the entire quest and prevent you from getting the other objectives. Recommended to do Mount Hyjal last.

To charge the staff, go to the nearby moonwell west of the quest giver. A special action button will appear: Artifactability balancedruid halfmoon.png  Ritual of the Moon — Call upon Elune to imbue the Staff of Moonflowers with her energy. 10 sec cast. . This will give you the buff Artifactability balancedruid halfmoon.png  Blessing of the Moon which lasts one hour. It cannot be removed by the player until the duration is ended, but performing the ritual at moonwells that haven't been previously visited will refresh the buff.

Go to the following locations to further empower the staff:

Once all the blessings have been obtained, the buff is removed and the provided staff will change into  [Blessed Staff of Moonflowers]. Return to Myrael Lunarbloom in Moonglade to complete this quest.


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