MobLunarfall Matriarch
Image of Lunarfall Matriarch
Gender Female
Race Dread raven (Beast)
Level 10-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lunarfall, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Killable
Pet family Bird of prey

The Lunarfall Matriarch is found at Lunarfall before constructing the Alliance garrison. In her nest, look for the Lunarfall Egg, which contains 5-10x [Garrison Resources]. The egg can only be found while Lunarfall is not in the garrison phase, so find it before completing A [10-40] Establish Your Garrison or it will be lost forever.


  • Ability hunter animalhandler.png  Headbutt — The caster rears back, then smashes forward with their head. Any enemies in front of the caster suffer Physical damage and are knocked back. 
  • Ability vehicle sonicshockwave.png  Screech — The caster Screeches, sending forth a wave of Sonic energies that inflict Physical damage to all enemies in its path. 

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