NeutralLunk No Kill
Start Lunk
End Lunk
Level 15-30
Category Searing Gorge
Experience 600
Rewards 70s
Previous N [15-30] Lunk's Task
Next N [15-30] A Proper Antivenom


You will receive: 70s


No! You are same as Thorium Brotherhood dwarf.

"Kill dwarf. Kill spider. Kill machine. Kill, kill, kill."

Lunk come to gorge to go on adventure, not to go on murder spree.

Goodbye, <race>. You kill too much.


On accept/complete:

Lunk yells: Lunk tired of all this killing! Lunk quits!
Lunk runs away. On reaching the main path, he turns and yells back at the collected dwarves...
Lunk yells: Lunk going to find some real adventures!
Lunk continues running down to the southwest.

Pris offers the followup, N [15-30] A Proper Antivenom.


  1. Optional breadcrumbs: one of
  2. Complete all of:
    • Jack Rockleg
    1. N [15-30] A New Master... But Who?
    2. N [15-30] Dig-Boss Dinwhisker
    • Burian Coalpart
    1. N [15-30] The Fewer, the Better
    2. N [15-30] Out of Place / N [15-30] A Lumbering Relic
    • Lunk / Prisanne
    1. N [15-30] Lunk's Task
    2. N [15-30] Lunk No Kill
    3. N [15-30] A Proper Antivenom
  3. N [15-30] Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [15-30] In the Hall of the Mountain-Lord
  6. N [15-30] Siege! / N [15-30] Set Them Ablaze! / N [15-30] They Build a Better Bullet
  7. N [15-30] Deceit
  8. N [15-30] Lunk's Adventure: Rendan's Weakness
  9. N [15-30] The Mountain-Lord's Support
  10. N [15-30] Operation: Stir the Cauldron
  11. N [15-30] Slavery is Bad / N [15-30] Sweet, Horrible Freedom / N [15-30] Rise, Obsidion
  12. N [15-30] Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation
  13. N [15-30] Twisted Twilight Ties
  14. N [15-30] From Whence He Came
  15. N [15-30] Welcome to the Brotherhood

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