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Lyana Stardust

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NeutralLyana Stardust
Image of Lyana Stardust
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 10-45
Class Druid
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Enchanter
Location Moonclaw Vale, Val'sharah
Status Alive

Lyana Stardust is a night elf druid who lives at Moonclaw Vale in Val'sharah. A trusted and talented enchanter for the Sentinels, she specializes in enchantments that affect demons. She provides her work to the Sentinels for free, in exchange for the necessary materials.[1]

When Moonclaw Vale became overrun with demons, she refused to abandon her home. The strength and stubbornness she exhibits in the face of an enemy are also traits that shine through in her work.[2]

The Sentinels sent the Huntmaster of the Unseen Path to enchant special ammunition, namely arrowheads, spear tips and bullets, meant to take down Hakkar the Houndmaster and the new felhounds he was breeding. She provided the finest enchantment she knew of while the Huntmaster defended her, ensuring she could work with the extremely volatile materials undisturbed.[3] Her enchantment counters the natural resistances that felhounds have to magic, and the metal would splinter their scales on impact, allowing for increased damage to the demons.[4]


The Vale has seen better days.

Demons have decided to claim this space as their own, but I won't give up without a fight.

When I'm not fending off intruders, I'm spending time perfecting enchantments to use against them.

One day, we will retake Moonclaw Vale.

Delicate Enchantments
She walks over to her enchanting table.
Lyana Stardust says: Demons will be drawn to the power I'll call upon to enchant your weapons.
Lyana Stardust says: The materials used are extremely volatile. An interruption of any kind could prove disastrous.
Lyana Stardust says: I'll keep doing what I do best, as long as you keep those demons away from me and my enchanting table.
Lyana Stardust says: My work is almost complete. I just need a few more moments without interruption...
Lyana Stardust says: There, the weapons are finished.
Lyana Stardust says: I've given them the finest enchantment I can offer.

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