AllianceLycanthoth the Corruptor
Start Ian Duran [30.1, 31.3]
End Spirit of Goldrinn [32.4, 37.3]
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 27700
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards  [Clutches of the Worgen Spirit] or  [Primal Force Girdle] or  [Goldrinn's Locket]
Previous A [81] Goldrinn's Ferocity
Next The Shrine Reclaimed
For the Horde version, see H [81] Lycanthoth the Corruptor.


Lycanthoth the Corruptor
"Use the incense within the Maw of Lycanthoth to summon the beast."

Use Lycanthoth's Incense within the Maw of Lycanthoth in Hyjal to summon and kill Lycanthoth.


I think I understand what's happening here. The Twilight's Hammer fears that the ancients may someday rise up to oppose them. They'll do anything to stop the return of Goldrinn.

This "Lycanthoth" is a twisted version of our beloved wolf god, summoned by the Twilight's Hammer to replace him.

Bah! It is but a shadow of Goldrinn's power. <Name>, kill this beast so that the true ancient can return. Take this incense and burn it in the Maw of Lycanthoth east of here. Slay that beast and free Goldrinn!

("Lycanthoth the Corruptor: Use the incense within the Maw of Lycanthoth to summon the beast.")


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets cloth cataclysm b 01.png [Clutches of the Worgen Spirit] Inv belt leather cataclysm b 01.png [Primal Force Girdle]
Inv misc necklacea2.png [Goldrinn's Locket]


Your bravery is an inspiration to others, <class>. Tell me your name.


You were brave to face down Lycanthoth, <name>. Like myself, he was a primal force of nature... but his origins were from a darker place.

Those who birthed that beast reached deep into the blackness, channeling powers never intended for this world.

Come, <class>. Climb onto my back, and let us show these beasts the true face of ferocity!


Head east along the northern portion of the valley and enter the cave. Enter the cave at at [32.4, 37.3] to find Lycanthoth's Altar. Using the incense will summon Lycanthoth. His first move is to cast the Miasama of Terror—A veil of terror surrounds the gruesome visage of Lycanthoth.

Lycanthoth says: Log'loth og shandai, mortal. Only death is eternal. You will be undone.
Lycanthoth says: Fate subjugates faith, mortal. Your prayers are meaningless here.

On complete... the camera follows Goldrinn as he frees the captives and utterly obliterates the vandals at the shrine. He then runs to his statue and drops the player off, offering The Shrine Reclaimed.


  1. N [81] The Return of the Ancients
  2. N [81] End of the Supply Line
  3. A [81] The Voice of Goldrinn / H [81] The Voice of Lo'Gosh
  4. A [81] Goldrinn's Ferocity / H [81] Howling Mad
  5. B [81] Lycanthoth the Corruptor
  6. B [81] The Shrine Reclaimed
  7. B [81] Cleaning House
    • Brainwashing side chain
    1. N [81] From the Mouth of Madness
    2. N [81] Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows
    • Eye of Twilight side chain
    1. N [81] The Eye of Twilight
    2. N [81] Mastering Puppets
    3. N [81] Elementary!
    4. N [81] Return to Duskwhisper
    • Escort side chain
    1. N [81] Gar'gol's Gotta Go
    2. N [81] Get Me Outta Here!

Foray into the Firelands

  1. B [81] Lightning in a Bottle
  2. B [81] Into the Maw!
  3. N [81] Forged of Shadow and Flame, N [81] Crushing the Cores, N [81] Rage of the Wolf Ancient
  4. N [81] Cindermaul, the Portal Master
  5. N [81] Forgemaster Pyrendius
  6. B [81] Return from the Firelands

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