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A lynx.

Lynxes are red or brown big cats mainly found in Quel'Thalas, but also on the Echo Isles, as well as Netherstorm and the Blade's Edge Mountains in Outland. They are vicious hunters that shred their prey with fang and claw.[1]

The springpaw lynxes of the Eversong Woods are known for their high quality pelts, and even night elves have been known to travel to Quel'Thalas just to poach them.[2] The springpaws of Sunstrider Isle succumbed to the influence of the Burning Crystals, forcing the local blood elves to put them down.[3] The wildmane cats of the Echo Isles have been known to prey on the boars that the local Darkspear trolls keep as a food source. The cats' pelts can be fashioned into hefty cloaks.[4]

The ghostclaw lynxes of the Ghostlands were tainted by the Plague of Undeath and risked spreading their affliction to the healthy wildlife in the Eversong Woods.[5]

In the Blade's Edge Mountains, the night elves of Sylvanaar lost control over the grovestalker lynxes of the nearby Living Grove. Where once their population was stable, the lynxes began encroaching upon Sylvanaar, and there had been a number of "unpleasant incidents" recently. Rina Moonspring suspected that the arakkoa of Veil Lashh were somehow behind it.[6]



Leoroxx and his lynx companion, Tethik.


As a hunter pet[]

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Lynxes are tamable by hunters as part of the cat family.



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The lynxes of Quel'Thalas may be descended from nightsabers or panthers that came with the Highborne during their exodus.