HordeLyria Skystrider
Image of Lyria Skystrider
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 15
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bazaar, Silvermoon City
Status Alive


Lyria Skystrider is a blood elf found in the Bazaar of Silvermoon City. She, along with Priest Ennas, is leading a public forum arguing against the policies of the blood elven leadership, specifically their decision to break off their ties to the Alliance and join the Horde. She proclaims that Sylvanas Windrunner is not the same one that they once knew, the orcs are "fair-weather friends", and the magisters are traitors.

After a few minutes, three Silvermoon Magisters in the crowd summon Priest Kath'mar who immediately casts a mind-control spell on Lyria and Ennas, causing their speech to become completely supportive of Lor'themar Theron and the magisters.


Lyria Skystrider says: My brothers and sisters. Listen to me. We must speak of the survival of our people. We have narrowly survived one calamnity, but I fear the next shall destroy us.
Lyria Skystrider says: Can you not see what is happening? Open your eyes. It is laid bare for all to see. What is this new alliance? Why have we betrayed our allies of old, only to take up with the enemies of all that live?
Vaeron Kormar says: No, you're wrong! We were the ones betrayed!
Terric Brightwind says: When have the dwarves ever been our friends?
Melaya Tassier says: The humans abandoned us in our darkest hour! Their prince himself led the assault on our lands.
Priest Ennas says: You fool! The prince's minions were the very Forsaken we have now allied ourselves with, and now he has betrayed us.
Vaeron Kormar says: The Ranger-General of Silvermoon will be a loyal ally!
Lyria Skystrider says: You speak of her as friend? You are a fool. This "Dark Lady" is not Sylvanas.
Vaeron Kormar says: Blood will be true. We can trust in none but our own.
Lyria Skystrider says: Blood? And these orcs, these fair weather friends? They will aid us?
Priest Ennas says: A great blight lies across our land! It grows every day. Our need for magic weakens us, and will bring us to destruction, just as it has before!
Terric Brightwind says: How are we to live without magic?
Melaya Tassier says: Look at the wonders of this city! This is magic.
Priest Ennas says: But at what cost? You've all been blinded. We have all been blinded.
Vaeron Kormar says: You call us traitors?
Lyria Skystrider says: The magisters are traitors! They have sealed our doom.
Terric Brightwind says: Idealistic blather. Go back to your forests!
Melaya Tassier says: You would have us live like the savages!
Priest Ennas says: No, not savagery! Conscience. The excesses of our people will destroy us, and all that we have struggled to build.
Lyria Skystrider says: We have not struggled so hard to survive, only to bring about the true destruction.
Priest Ennas says: We stand on the brink of destruction. We must reconsider this rash course of action.
The three magisters in the crowd begin to summon Priest Kath'mar.
Lyria Skystrider says: If we speak as one, we cannot be ignored!
Priest Ennas says: Lend us your voices! Now is the time we must act to save our people.
Priest Ennas says: Lor'themar must hear us! We will not be silenced!
Priest Kath'mar appears and mind controls Priest Ennas and Lyria Skystrider, who then mindlessly spout the opposite of their views.
  • Priest Ennas says: How can you say our lives are not better now? How can you deny the betterment of our lives?
  • Priest Ennas says: The magisters are wise and will plot a prosperous course for our future.
  • Lyria Skystrider says: The magisters will guide us back to glory.
  • Lyria Skystrider says: Nature lives at peace with magic. With both, there is no limit to our future.
Priest Kath'mar says: That should take care of that. Summon me if you have further need of my services.
Priest Kath'mar disappears.
  • Lyria Skystrider says: We will pay back the Alliance for their betrayal a thousandfold. We will never forgive and never forget.
  • Priest Ennas says: Lor'themar has remade Silvermoon into something we may truly be proud of.

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