framestack shows all frames under the mouse cursor. It is part of the Blizzard DebugTools interface. The window will start in a corner of the screen, and move to another corner if moused over.

fstack with additional texture information shown by pressing SHIFT.


/framestack [showHidden, showregions, showAnchors]
boolean string - default = CVar fstack_showhidden false - If hidden frames should be shown.
boolean string - default = CVar fstack_showregions true - If regions of frames should be shown.
boolean string - default = CVar fstack_showanchors true - If anchor points should be shown but seems to be unused.

References: SlashCmdList.FRAMESTACK, StringToBoolean(), GameTooltip:SetFrameStack()


Toggles framestack and sets showHidden to true

/fstack t

Toggles framestack and sets showHidden, showregions, showAnchors to false

/fstack f f f


  • Pressing LEFT/RIGHT-ALT moves through the highlighted items.
  • Pressing CTRL inspects the selected table, i.e. /tinspect
  • Pressing SHIFT toggles showing texture information.
  • Pressing CTRL-C copies the texture path/name to the clipboard, provided texture information is toggled.
The used CopyToClipboard() function will be tainted by error handling addons like BugSack and Swatter.
This does not interfere with any existing CTRL-C keybind. Both the Friends frame would be toggled and the texture name copied to clipboard simultaneously.
Any tables values cannot be copied to clipboard. Atlas names will not be copied. If there are multiple textures, only the last texture will be copied. (WoWUIBugs#16)
  • CVar fstack_showhighlight controls whether the green mouseover texture highlight should be shown.

References: FrameStackTooltip.commandKeys

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