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Type News and forums
Registration Free
Launched 2007 (ran by Boubouille)
Maintained by Independent (2007-2010)
Curse (2010-2018)
Fandom (2018-2019)
Magic Find (2019-present)
Popularity 4,586 (Alexa)

MMO-Champion is a news and forum website on World of Warcraft. It started in 2007 and was ran by Boubouille. In mid-2010, Curse acquired MMO-Champion and became part of the Curse Network. On December 12, 2018, Fandom announced that they had acquired Curse Media from Twitch which included Wowpedia, WoWDB and MMO-Champion.[1][2] On June 11, 2019, MMO-Champion was acquired by Magic Find along with WoWDB.[3]

As a reference[]

MMO-Champion aggregates blue posts (Community Manager notes, i.e. official Blizzard representatives). While posts on the official WoW forums will "drop off" after a few months, it is presumed that posts on sites such as this will persist longer, making them more suitable for use as references.


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