"The Motherlode" redirects here. For the quest, see N [45] The Motherlode. For the achievement, see  [The MOTHERLODE!!].
Motherlode loading screen.jpg
Location Kezan
Affiliation Venture Company
Race(s) GoblinGoblin Goblin
Hobgoblin Hobgoblin
OrcOrc Orc
TrollTroll Troll
IconSmall Azerite.gifIconSmall UnboundEarth.gif Earth elemental
Kobold Kobold
End boss IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Mogul Razdunk
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 110 - 120
Player limit 5

“You'll find him in Kezan. Somewhere he calls "The Motherlode," likely with too many exclamation points.”

Moira Thaurissan[1]

Large rocket found in the MOTHERLODE!! dungeon.

The MOTHERLODE!![sic] (or "The Motherlode")[2] is a maximum-level dungeon located on the Isle of Kezan. The goblins have heard word of Azerite and its value and have started digging deep into Azeroth to gain more of it. Players will return to Kezan after years away to discover how it's changed.[3]

The dungeon is accessed through boats for Horde adventurers and by a Dark Iron mole machine in Xibala for the Alliance.

The Venture Co. betrayed the Bilgewater goblins in a deal for Azerite refining techniques. In retaliation, Trade Prince Gallywix sent a group of adventurers to assassinate Mogul Razdunk, and steal some of his Azerite back.[4]

Adventure Guide

The Isle of Kezan, rent asunder by the eruption of Mount Kajaro, is now brimming with Azerite in the aftermath of Sargeras' assault on Azeroth. Seeking to make a fortune and stake his claim to the title of Trade Prince, Mogul Razdunk has focused the Venture Company's efforts on weaponizing Azerite and selling it to the highest bidder.


Maps and subregions

  • Downrange: Bar, Grill, and Minefield
  • Lucky Strike Mines
  • Platinum Sands
  • Plume Lake
  • R&D
  • Rocketzan
  • The Back Door
  • The High Road
  • The V.M.Z.
  • White Frag Lane



  • At BlizzCon 2017, it was initially introduced as "the Kezan dungeon". In alpha, it had been changed to The Undermine. Later, a new build changed it to The Motherlode, and finally to The MOTHERLODE!!.



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