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MP5 (also known as MP/5) is a shortened term for the attribute that is itemized as "Restores X mana per 5 sec." or "Mana per 5 seconds".


MP5 can be found in Classic, where it is primarily itemized on gear. It is also provided by player casted buffs and totems, and certain consumables.

Though removed from the live game, MP5 can still be obtained from the Spell misc food [Well Fed] buff provided by certain low level food items (such as Inv misc fish 21 [Sagefish Delight]), though the amount provided is trivial.


  • Although the number given is based on 5 second intervals, the effect triggers every 2 seconds. For example, an item that grants 10 mana per 5 sec. restores 4 mana every tick.
  • MP5 is distinct from Spirit in that it ignores the five second rule, restoring the same amount of mana regardless of whether the player is casting.
    • Consequently, MP5 is not affected by any ability that "allows X% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting."


With World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, MP5 was removed from gear and replaced with Spirit. To accommodate this change, all healer specializations received Spell nature sleep [Meditation] as a passive ability, while caster dps had their active and passive mana regeneration rebalanced appropriately to no longer need nor benefit from a mana regen stat. MP5 was still present on certain redesigned player buffs throughout the expansion, though these have been removed since.

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