This article describes all of the macro commands (or slash commands) recognized by World of Warcraft (without addons). To use a slash command, enter its name preceded by a slash, and followed by any parameters the command takes into the chat box (for example, /say Hello Azeroth!). The command names are not case sensitive, and you may combine multiple commands in a macro by putting each command on a new line.

In the list below, commands with multiple aliases are generally listed under the most expanded alias.

Battle pet commands

Blizzard Interface commands

These functions open a part of the Blizzard Interface

Chat commands

All custom chat messages can make use of the chat substitutions to insert dynamic content into messages.

  • afk - Marks you as "Away From Keyboard".
  • announce - Toggle channel announcements.
  • ban - Bans a user from a user-created chat channel.
  • battleground - Sends a chat message to your battleground.
  • csay - Sends chat text to a channel referenced by number only.
  • chatinvite - Invite a user to a user-created chat channel.
  • chatlist - Displays a list of users in a chat channel, or what channels you are currently a member of.
  • chatlog - Enables/disables chat logging.
  • combatlog - Enables/disables combat logging.
  • chathelp - Displays a list of commonly used chat commands.
  • ckick - Kicks a user from a user-created chat channel.
  • emote - Perform an emote with the given text.
  • dnd - Marks you as "Do Not Disturb".
  • guild - Sends a chat message to your guild.
  • join - Joins or creates a user-created chat channel.
  • leave - Leaves a user-created chat channel.
  • moderator - Sets moderation in a user-created chat channel.
  • mute - Prevents a user from speaking (voice or text) in a user-created chat channel.
  • officer - Sends a chat message to your guild's officer channel.
  • owner - Displays or changes the owner of a user-created chat channel.
  • password - Sets or removes a password on a user-created chat channel.
  • party - Sends a chat message to your party.
  • raid - Sends a chat message to your raid.
  • rw - Sends a raid warning to your raid.
  • reply - Replies to the last user to send you a whisper with a message.
  • resetchat - Resets chat settings to default.
  • say - Sends a chat message to players in your immediate local area.
  • unban - Unbans a user from a user-created chat channel.
  • unmoderator - Removes moderation from a user-created chat channel.
  • unmute - Allows a user to speak (voice or text) in a user-created chat channel.
  • whisper - Sends a private chat message to a player in a whisper.
  • yell - Sends a chat message to all players in your zone.

Character commands

These commands affect your character's status, social interaction, movement, or actions

  • dismount - Dismounts your character
  • equip - Equip an item to its default slot.
  • equipset - Change equipped items to a set stored in the Equipment Manager
  • equipslot - Equip an item to a specific slot.
  • friend - Adds a player to your Friends list.
  • follow - Set yourself to follow the selected target
  • ignore - Adds a player to your ignore list
  • inspect - Opens the Inspection interface of the selected target.
  • leavevehicle - Allows your character to exit their current vehicle.
  • randompet - Summons a random companion pet (non-combat pet).
  • removefriend - Removes a friend from your friend list.
  • settitle - Sets the active title for your character.
  • trade - Opens the trade interface with your current target.
  • unignore - Removes a player from your ignore list


  • api - Query the WoW API documentation.
  • tableinspect - Open the table inspector.
  • eventtrace - Allows the user to trace events in-game.
  • framestack - Allows the user to see all frames under the cursor.
  • dump - Displays the value of a given variable.


Key: * does nothing + has sound  % has unique animation @ only when mounted; varies by mount

absent agree amaze angry,mad apologize,sorry %applaud,applause,bravo arm +attacktarget awe backpack badfeeling,bad bark bashful beckon %beg bite blame blank bleed,blood blink blush boggle bonk,doh bored bounce %bow brandish brb breath brow burp,belch +bye,goodbye,farewell cackle calm challenge +charge charm +cheer %chicken,flap,strut chuckle chug clap cold comfort commend confused +grats,congrats cough coverears crack,knuckles cringe crossarms %cry,sob,weep cuddle,spoon curious curtsey %dance ding disagree doubt drink,shindig drool duck %eat,chew,feast embarrass encourage enemy eye eyebrow facepalm,palm faint fart %fear,cower fidget,impatient %flex,strong %flirt flop +followme frown,disappointed gasp gaze giggle glare gloat glower go going golfclap greet,greetings grin,wicked,wickedly groan grovel,peon growl guffaw hail happy,glad,yay headache +healme +hello,hi +helpme hiccup highfive hiss holdhand hug hungry,food,pizza hurry idea +incoming,inc insult introduce jealous jk %kiss,blow %kneel %laugh,lol lavish,praise laydown,liedown,lay,lie lick listen look lost love luck map massage mercy moan mock moo moon @mountspecial mourn mutter nervous +no +nod,yes nosepick,pick object,holdit offer +oom +openfire pack panic pat peer pet pinch pity plead %point poke ponder pounce pout pray promise proud pulse punch purr puzzled raise,volunteer +rasp %read ready,rdy regret +retreat,flee revenge %roar,rawr rofl rolleyes,eyeroll %rude ruffle sad %salute scared scoff scold scowl scratch,cat,catty search sexy shake,rear shakefist,fist shifty shimmy shiver shoo,pest shout,holler shrug shudder %shy sigh signal silence,shush +silly sing %sit slap %sleep smack smile smirk snap snarl sneak sneeze snicker sniff snort snub soothe spit spoon squeal stand stare stink,smell surprised surrender suspicious sweat %talk talkex,excited talkq,question tap taunt tease +thank,thanks,ty think thirsty threaten,doom,wrath tickle tired +train truce twiddle *unused veto victory violin +wait warn %wave +welcome whine whistle wink woot work %yawn

Other emote aliases:

 congratulate (same as grats,congrats)
 disappointment (same as frown,disappointed)
 objection (same as object,holdit)

Combat commands

These functions pertain to combat

  • cancelaura - Cancels (turns off) an aura you have.
  • cancelqueuedspell - Cancels casting of the spell you have in the queue.
  • cancelform - Cancels your current shapeshift form.
  • cast - Uses the stated spell or item (conflict in names goes to spell on "cast").
  • castrandom - Casts a random spell or uses a random item from the given list.
  • castsequence - Casts the given spells in sequential order.
  • changeactionbar - Changes your current action bar page.
  • startattack - Turns on auto-attack.
  • stopattack - Turns off auto-attack.
  • stopcasting - Stops casting or channeling.
  • stopspelltarget - Cancel the spell or ability currently being targetted.
  • swapactionbar - Swaps between two given action bars.
  • use - Use the stated item or spell (conflict in names goes to item on "use").
  • usetoy - Use a toy.
  • userandom - Casts a random spell or uses a random item from the given list.

Guild commands

Party and Raid commands

  • clearworldmarker - Clears world markers
  • invite - Invites a player to your party or raid.
  • ffa - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Free-For-All.
  • group - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Group Loot.
  • master - Sets the loot method for your raid/party to Master Loot.
  • mainassist - Set the main assist.
  • mainassistoff - Clears the current Main Assist.
  • maintank - Set the main tank.
  • maintankoff - Clears the current Main Tank.
  • promote - Promotes the given member to Party or Raid leader.
  • raidinfo - Shows you what instances you are saved to, along with the Instance ID.
  • readycheck - Performs a ready check in your raid or party.
  • requestinvite - Request to be invited to the specified group.
  • targetmarker - Sets or clears a target marker from your current target.
  • threshold - Sets the loot threshold to apply loot rules.
  • uninvite - Removes a player from your current party or raid.
  • worldmarker - Allows placement of world markers.

Pet commands

PvP commands

  • duel - Challenge another player to a duel
  • forfeit - Forfeit a duel.
  • pvp - Sets whether or not you are attackable by other players.
  • wargame - Starts a War Game.

System commands

  • console - Allows user to view or change global client-side options, or perform certain system commands.
  • click - Simulate a mouse click on a button.
  • disableaddons - Disables all addons and reloads the UI.
  • enableaddons - Enables all addons and reloads the UI.
  • help - Displays a help message with some basic commands.
  • logout - Logs your character out of the game, back to the character selection screen.
  • macrohelp - Displays a help message with basic information about creating and using macros.
  • played - Displays information about your character's time logged in.
  • quit - Exits the game.
  • random - Generates a random number from 1 to 100. "/random X" rolls a number from 1 to X, "/random X Y" rolls a number from X though Y.
  • reload - Reloads the User Interface.
  • script - Runs a block of LUA code.
  • stopmacro - Stop processing the current macro.
  • time - Displays the current time
  • timetest - Used for benchmarking, also shows FPS.
  • who - Shows you a list of people matching filtering options.

Targeting functions

  • assist - Targets a player's target.
  • clearfocus - Clears the current focus target.
  • cleartarget - Clears the current target.
  • focus - Set a focus target
  • target - Target the given unit by name.
  • targetexact - Target the unit by exact name match.
  • targetenemy - Cycle through nearby hostile units (no name matching).
  • targetenemyplayer - Cycle through nearby hostile players (no name matching).
  • targetfriend - Cycle through nearby friendly units (no name matching).
  • targetfriendplayer - Cycle through nearby friendly players (no name matching).
  • targetparty - Cycle through nearby party members (no name matching).
  • targetraid - Cycle through nearby raid members (no name matching).
  • targetlastenemy - Target the last attackable unit you had selected.
  • targetlastfriend - Target the last friendly unit you had selected.
  • targetlasttarget - Sets your current target to the last unit you had selected.


Metacommands pass data to the WoW client to affect its appearance on the action bar. Metacommands are preceded by a "#" symbol. Unknown metacommands will be silently ignored.

  • #show - Affects the button's icon on the Action Bar.
  • #showtooltip - Affects the button's icon and tooltip on the Action Bar.

Disabled commands

These commands are recognized by the WoW client, but do not perform any actions.

  • usetalents - Change to a different dual spec.
  • petaggressive - aggressive AI was replaced with assist. (deprecated in 4.2)