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Madness (quest)

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Start Ornak
End Zaela
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 12730
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards 9g
Previous H [84] Stalled Negotiations
Next H [84] Negotiations Terminated


Escort the Horde Negotiator to the main hall in Dragonmaw Port to meet with Warchief Mor'ghor of the Dragonmaw. Speak with Ornak on the coast if you lose your Negotiator.

  • Negotiations Concluded


Our last two negotiators haven't returned from speaking with the Dragonmaw Warchief. I think we might need to flex a little bit of muscle.

This time, I want YOU to accompany the negotiator. Their Warchief might think twice once he realizes the Horde is full of battle-hardened heroes like yourself.

Simply escort our negotiator into the main hold in the center of Dragonmaw Port and look menacing.


You will receive: 9g


<name>, I understand you're going to speak with our "Warchief" about joining your Horde.

Be careful, <class>.

See me afterwards...


Wake up, <name>! We don't have much time.

I rescued your gear for you.

At least now you've seen the foolishness of our leader first-hand. His blood is contaminated, his rage is unquenchable -- and he'll destroy us all trying to defeat the Horde!



  • If the player accepts this quest while mounted, the negotiator will not follow him/her until they log in and out.
  • On accepting the quest, the Horde Negotiator will appear, and the player will gain the buff:
Achievement character orc male.png
  • Escorting the Negotiator
  • Escort the Horde Negotiator to the main hall of Dragonmaw Port.

  • The Negotiator will follow the player around Dragonmaw Port. (This is unlike most escort quests, where the escort travels a set path which the player is forced to follow [often at a slow pace].) Upon reaching the Warchief's building, the Negotiator will stop following and walk into the building on his own.
  • Should the Negotiator somehow die or disappear before completing the quest, speak to Ornak:
Gossip I think I lost my negotiator. In fact he's probably dead. Is another available?

  • Mor'ghor's Fel Stomp applies the buff:
Ability warstomp.png
  • Fel Stomp
  • Stunned.
  • Duration: 30 seconds

Horde Negotiator says: I am ready, <name>. Soon the Dragonmaw will join the Horde!
(En route through Dragonmaw Port)
Horde Negotiator says: I hear a great Dragonmaw medicine man lives here, in the large hut to our right.
Horde Negotiator says: After these negotiations, I am looking forward to a long and prosperous life.
Horde Negotiator says: The Dragonmaw Warchief is in the largest building up on the hilltop here. I'm sure he'll be reasonable.
(Negotiator enters the building.)
Horde Negotiator says: This is it! Stay close and let me do the talking. I'm an expert.
Horde Negotiator says: Most esteemed Warchief -
Warchief Mor'ghor says: Quit wasting words, worm. If you want the aid of the Dragonmaw, you should've come on bent knee and with offerings of gold.
Horde Negotiator says: Warchief, you misunderstand. Garrosh Hellscream will have a beach head on these shores, with or without your help. What we ask -
Warchief Mor'ghor says: Was that a THREAT? I knew Hellscream in Outland. A whimpering whelp. He is no Warchief.
Horde Negotiator says: But the Horde has assembled an enormous host! A vast fleet of war machines and hardened veterans. Hellscream would as soon crush you as-
Warchief Mor'ghor says: Bring him on!
Horde Negotiator says: This is madness!
(Mor'ghor casts [Fel Stomp])
Warchief Mor'ghor says: This is...
Warchief Mor'ghor yells: DRAGONMAW!!
(Mor'ghor kicks the Negotiator into the bonfire.)
Warchief Mor'ghor says: Keep the <class> alive. <He/She> will be our bargaining chip.
Warchief Mor'ghor says: Call for the others. We will crush Hellscream's Horde and hurl their bodies to the sea...
(cross-fade to player inside nearby building)
Zaela says: Hurry, Gorthul. Undo <his/her> bonds.
Zaela says: <name>, I've rescued your equipment for you. I think you've seen all you need to see.


  • Mor'Ghor's line and action in the negotiation are obvious references to 300.


  1. H [84] Stalled Negotiations
  2. [Fel Stomp]
  3. H [84] Negotiations Terminated
  4. H [84] You Say You Want a Revolution
  5. H [84] Insurrection
  6. H [84] Death to Mor'ghor
  7. H [84] Securing the Beach Head
  8. H [84] Muddied Waters
  9. H [84] Saurfang Will be Pleased
  10. H [84] Traitor's Bait
  11. H [84] Return to the Highlands

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