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Image of Maedin
Title <Master Talekeep>
Gender Female
Race Tortollan (Humanoid)
Level 50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Maedin's Challenge, Nazjatar
Status Alive
Student(s) Brock

Maedin is a tortollan located in Maedin's Challenge in Nazjatar.


Inv misc anchor.png [Anchor Drop]
Inv drink 22.png [Briartini]
2g 50s
Ability rogue cannonballbarrage.png [Cannon Shot]
1g 50s
Inv drink 01.png [Debby Drowner]
1g 50s
Inv drink 33 bloodredale.png [Drustvine]
2g 50s
Ability monk elusiveale.png [Gral's Growler]
Inv drink 10.png [Grapeshot]
1g 50s
Inv drink 09.png [Kelpberry Wine]
3g 50s
Inv drink 20.png [Leviathan Tears]
Inv drink 11.png [Musket Muddler]
Inv drink 20.png [Naga Tears]
3g 50s
Garrison oil.png [Oil Drum]
Inv misc shell 01.png [Oyster Shot]
Inv drink 30 blackheartgrog.png [Rum Fatigue]
Inv drink 30 blackheartgrog.png [Salvaged Flagon]
Inv drink 22.png [Shellini]
2g 50s
Inv helmet 47.png [Snorkle Dropper]
Inv drink 08.png [Sunken Pylon]
2g 50s
Inv drink 31 embalmingfluid.png [Te'kill'u]
Spell fire twilightfire.png [The Burning Black Beverage]
Inv drink 33 bloodredale.png [The Dark Below]
1g 50s
Inv drink 28 gilneanfortifiedbrandy.png [Throatkiller]
Inv misc food legion gooslime chunk.png [Viscous Ooze]
Inv drink milk 03.png [White Tortollan]




Main article: Making Kelpberry Wine#Notes
  • Long ago, I visited Gral's Grotto... did you know that was the first dive bar?
We talked about Nazjatar, rich in stories. A place with a tragic past... and present.
They said someone would have to be crazy to set up shop there.
Well, ya know what I told them? "Challenge accepted! You're talking to the right lady."
  • Gral does love knowing things, almost as much as Torga loves his stories, and he's not as cranky as he seems. Folks would come from all around to share their experiences with him.
When his temple was destroyed by the naga, this was the one place he couldn't go. He could feel the pain here... the loss... but the master of this place kept prying eyes out for so long.
I knew someone had to be in this place, to remember and to learn what he could not.
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  • And now so many are here! Maybe that day has come!
  • I came to Nazjatar for the stories. I stayed to help them make it a better place.
  • One day, I met a lovely kelfin lass... so young... so driven... she told me her tale, and I knew this place needed a light in the darkness.
  • One day, the world will know all that happened here.
  • We keep the tales of those willing to tell them. We listen to those who need a friendly ear.


Welcome to Maedin's Challenge! Make yourself at home.

Buy I wish to browse your wares.

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