For the original encounter at level 60, see Maexxna (Classic).
Image of Maexxna
Gender Female
Race Spider (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Maexxna's Nest, Naxxramas
Status Killable
Arachnid Quarter

Grand Widow Faerlina


Construct Quarter



Plague Quarter

Noth the Plaguebringer
Heigan the Unclean


Military Quarter

Instructor Razuvious
Gothik the Harvester
The Four Horsemen


The Four Horsemen

Lady Blaumeux
Thane Korth'azz
Baron Rivendare
Sir Zeliek


Frostwyrm Lair



Other NPCs

Mr. Bigglesworth



Maexxna in Hearthstone.

Maexxna in World of Warcraft.

Maexxna is the third boss of the Arachnid Quarter in Naxxramas.


A massive spider taken from the depths of Northrend's mountains many ages ago. She was captured within the dread citadel Naxxramas, where she gives birth to her brood. She feasts on those foolish enough to enter the necropolis, feeding her spawn with their corpses and producing spider after spider that Kel'Thuzad uses to his own foul ends.[1][2]


Maexxna has approximately 2.5 million health in 10 player, and 7.6 million health in 25-player.

  • Spell nature web.png  Web Wrap — A web tightly wraps around the target, stunning and dealing 2925 to 3575 Nature damage every 2 sec. until the web wrap is destroyed. Instant. Cast at 20 second mark, then every 40 seconds. Sends one (two in 25-player) player to the wall, incapacitating it and damaging it over time. Other members of the raid must free the web wrap, which has 6,000/15,000 health.
  • Spell nature web.png  Web Spray (Heroic mode) — Web sprays out everywhere, stunning all nearby enemies for 6 sec and dealing 5225 to 5775 Nature damage. Instant. Cast every 40 seconds, affects all players.
  • Spell nature acid 01.png  Poison Shock (Heroic mode) 15 yd range — Inflicts 3500 to 4500 (4550-5850 in 25-player) Nature damage to nearby enemies in front of the caster. Instant. Cast every 10 seconds
  • Ability creature poison 03.png  Necrotic Poison (Heroic mode) Melee range — Reduces healing by 75% (90% in 25-player) for 30 sec. Instant.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Frenzy (Heroic mode) — Increases the caster's attack speed by 50% and the Physical damage it deals by 50% (75% in 25-player) for 10 min. Instant. Cast at 30% health. Cannot be removed.
  • Maexxna Spiderlings - 8 small spiders are spawned at the 30 second mark, and then every 40 seconds after that. These hit for about 1,000 (2,000 in 25-player) on cloth and have about 7,000 (14,000 in 25-player) health


25-player strategy

This is a quick encounter that will be over in 2–3 minutes and hinges almost entirely on keeping the tank alive through web spray. You will need one tank. The tank should pull Maexxna near a wall and face her towards the center of the room, the raid should position themselves behind Maexxna. Ranged DPS classes will be on killing cocoons. At the 30 second mark Mages will need to be on top of Maexxna to frost nova the Maexxna spiderlings. At this point the raid needs to AoE them down within 10 seconds before Web Spray. If any are left alive it is likely they will kill someone during it as they attack very quickly. Healers will need to apply abolish poison and all of their heal over time effects on the tank just before Web Spray. It is advisable to stop DPS at ~33% and wait for a Web Spray then blow all cooldowns to kill Maexxna so that she never does a Web Spray while frenzied which will likely kill the tank.

10-player strategy

Maexxna10m Positioning.jpg

The tank will want to pull Maexxna to the leftmost suspended block, and then turn her around so she faces the opposite block. Melee DPS should stand behind her and the ranged DPS and healers will stand further away. When the fight starts, make sure shamans set poison cleansing totems down, otherwise the other healing classes need to dispell the poisons Maexxna casts. Designate 1 or 2 DPS to monitor when she casts Web Wrap and to subsequently shoot the players out of the webs. Designate another DPS to snare the spiderlings she summons, either use a mage with frost nova, or something like a death knight to aggro the spiderlings as they come. Make sure the spiderlings are killed quickly as Maexxna casts web spray just after summoning her adds. Healers need to watch for poisoned targets, as well as topping the raid off before web spray is cast. She soft enrages at 30% and is easily killed after that.

Solo strategy

The ability that wins or loses this fight is Web Wrap, cast at the 20-second mark. Unless players can direct their pets to attack the Web Wrap, players will get sent to the wall during the first cast and stay there for the remainder of the fight. To defeat Maexxena before she casts web wrap, players must deal at minimum 125K damage per second in 10-player mode, or 380K damage per second in 25-player mode. More DPS than this minimum will be required, considering ramp-up time at the beginning of the fight.


10-player loot
 [Aegis of Damnation]
 [Cloak of Armed Strife]
 [Embrace of the Spider]
 [Leggings of Discord]
 [Maexxna's Femur]
 [Pendant of Lost Vocations]
 [Spaulders of the Monstrosity]
 [Timeworn Silken Band]
 [Web Cocoon Grips]
 [Wraith Spear]
 [Dusty Clutch of Eggs]
25-player loot
 [Ablative Chitin Girdle]
 [Aged Winter Cloak]
 [Bindings of the Hapless Prey]
 [Cloak of Averted Crisis]
 [Cloak of the Shadowed Sun]
 [Cowl of the Perished]
 [Defender's Code]
 [Digested Silken Robes]
 [Distorted Limbs]
 [Dying Curse]
 [Forethought Talisman]
 [Grim Toll]
 [Helm of Diminished Pride]
 [Infectious Skitterer Leggings]
 [Mantle of Shattered Kinship]
 [Matriarch's Spawn]
 [Quivering Tunic]
 [Shawl of the Old Maid]
 [Shroud of Luminosity]
 [Sinner's Bindings]
 [Torn Web Wrapping]
 [The Jawbone]
 [Undiminished Battleplate]
 [Wraith Strike]
 [Dusty Clutch of Eggs]

Related Achievements


Killed first
Kel'Thuzad yells: Who dares violate the sanctity of my domain? Be warned, all who trespass here are doomed.
Killed second
Kel'Thuzad yells: Fools, you think yourselves triumphant? You have only taken one step closer to the abyss!
Killed third
Kel'Thuzad yells: I grow tired of these games. Proceed, and I will banish your souls to oblivion!
Killed last
Kel'Thuzad yells: You have no idea what horrors lie ahead. You have seen nothing! The frozen heart of Naxxramas awaits you!



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