A mage trainer is an NPC that offers mages the opportunity to train abilities and reset their talent points. A general rule-of-thumb to find the local Mage trainer is to search the city's centre of knowledge, like the library. Keeping an eye out for the portal trainer is also a good tactic, as where a portal is, a Mage is never far away.

Alliance Crest Alliance Trainers

Location Mage Trainers Portal Trainers
Bc icon.gif Crash Site, Azuremyst Isle
(Draenei starting location)
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Valaatu (6) None
Bc icon.gif Azure Watch, Azuremyst Isle IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Semid (10) None
Bc icon.gif The Vault of Lights, the Exodar IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Bati (40)
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Harnan (50)
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Edirah (60)
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Lunaraa (30)
Anvilmar, Dun Morogh
(Dwarf starting location)
IconSmall DarkIron Female.gif Teegli Merrowith (5) None
New Tinkertown, Dun Morogh
(Gnome starting location)
IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Bipsi Frostflinger (6) None
Thunderbrew Distillery, Kharanos, Dun Morogh IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Magis Sparkmantle (10) None
Hall of Mysteries, The Mystic Ward, Ironforge IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Bink (40)
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Dink (40)
IconSmall Dwarf Female.gif Lainda Gemgold (40)
IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Juli Stormkettle (50)
IconSmall DarkIron Male.gif Pyromancer Scorchbrew (50)
IconSmall DarkIron Female.gif Flarna Flametongue (60)
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Nittlebur Sparkfizzle (60)
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Milstaff Stormeye (45)
Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
(Human starting location)
IconSmall Human Male.gif Khelden Bremen (5) None
Lion's Pride Inn, Goldshire, Elwynn Forest IconSmall Human Male.gif Zaldimar Wefhellt (13) None
Wizard's Sanctum, Mage Quarter, Stormwind IconSmall Human Female.gif Jennea Cannon (40)
IconSmall Human Male.gif Maginor Dumas (60)
IconSmall HighElf Female.gif Elsharin (50)
IconSmall Human Female.gif Larimaine Purdue (50)
Cataclysm Military District, Gilneas City (Worgen starting location)
Cataclysm Greymane Court, Gilneas City
Cataclysm Duskhaven, Gilneas
Cataclysm Stormglen Village, Gilneas
Cataclysm Livery Outpost, Gilneas
The Howling Oak, Darnassus
IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Myriam Spellwaker (40) None
Aldrassil, Shadow Glen, Teldrassil IconSmall Highborne Female.gif Rhyanda (10) None
Dolanaar, Teldrassil IconSmall Highborne Female.gif Irriende (20) None
The Temple of the Moon Exterior, Darnassus IconSmall Highborne Male.gif Maelir (40)
IconSmall Highborne Female.gif Dyrhara (50)
IconSmall Highborne Male.gif Tarelvir (60)
IconSmall Human Female.gif Elissa Dumas (35)
Bc icon.gif Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Lennah (25) None
Lor'danel, Darkshore IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Lareth Beld (25) None
Thelsamar, Loch Modan IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Gindle the Green (25) None
Sentinel Hill, Westfall IconSmall Human Female.gif Zalna Wefhellt (25) None
Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh  Horace Alder (50)  Ysuria (50)
Warlords of Draenor Stormshield, Ashran None  Julia Watkins (100)

Horde Crest Horde Trainers

Location Mage Trainers Portal Trainers
Valley of Trials, Durotar
(Orc starting location)
IconSmall Orc Female.gif Acrypha (10) None
Darkspear Training Grounds, Durotar
(Troll starting location)
IconSmall Troll Male.gif Soratha (11) None
Sen'jin Village, Durotar IconSmall Troll Male.gif Bomsanchu (25) None
Razor Hill, Durotar IconSmall Troll Male.gif Un'Thuwa (14) None
Arcane Enclave, the Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar IconSmall Orc Female.gif Gija (40)
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Marud (50)
IconSmall Orc Female.gif Ureda (60)
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Rundok (45)
Goblin Slums, Orgrimmar IconSmall Goblin Female.gif Conjurer Mixli (60) None
Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar IconSmall Troll Male.gif Uthel'nay (40) IconSmall Troll Female.gif Zirazi the Star-Gazer (60)
Bc icon.gif The Sunspire, Eversong Woods
(Blood elf starting location)
IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Julia Sunstriker (5) None
Bc icon.gif Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Garridel (12) None
Bc icon.gif Sunfury Spire, Silvermoon IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Zaedana (40)
IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Quithas (50)
IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Inethven (60)
IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Narinth (30)
Cataclysm KTC Headquarters, Kezan
(Goblin starting location)
Cataclysm Shipwreck Shore, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Wild Overlook, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Town-In-A-Box, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Sky Falls, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Gallywix Docks, The Lost Isles
IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Fizz Lighter (6)-(10) None
Pools of Vision, Thunder Bluff IconSmall Undead Female.gif Ursyn Ghull (40)
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Thurston Xane (50)
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Archmage Shymm (60)
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Birgitte Cranston (45)
Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades
(Undead starting location)
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Isabella (5) None
Calston Estate, Tirisfal Glades IconSmall Undead Female.gif Larah Firesong (10) None
Gallows' End Tavern, Brill, Tirisfal Glades IconSmall Undead Male.gif Cain Firesong (14) None
The Magic Quarter, Undercity IconSmall Undead Female.gif Anastasia Hartwell (40)
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Pierce Shackleton (50)
IconSmall Banshee.gif Kaelystia Hatebringer (60)
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Lexington Mortaim (35)
The War Quarter, Undercity IconSmall Undead Male.gif Derek the Undying (58) None
Bc icon.gif Tranquillien, Ghostlands IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Denara Eversun (25) None
The Crossroads, Northern Barrens IconSmall Orc Male.gif Egnom (25) None
The Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest IconSmall Undead Male.gif Thom Denger (25) None
Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows None  Lorrin Foxfire (41)
Warlords of Draenor Warspear, Ashran None  Samaeli Roseblade (100)

Neutral Neutral Trainers

Location Mage Trainers Portal Trainers
Bc icon.gif Terrace of Light, Shattrath City IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Alaressa (70) (Scryers only)
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Raluhi (70) (Aldor only)
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Iorioa (63)
Bc icon.gif Scryer's Tier, Shattrath City None IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Mi'irku Farstep (63) (Scryers only)
Wrath of the Lich King The Violet Gate, Dalaran IconSmall Human Female.gif Jessa Weaver (75)
IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Warcaster Fanoraithe (75)
IconSmall Human Female.gif Archmage Celindra (80)

Patch changes

Bc icon.gif Patch 2.4.2 (2008-05-13): Undocumented change

  • Ysuria and Lorrin Foxfire added, training Teleports and Portals to Theramore and Stonard, respectively
    As well as class trainers Horace Alder to Theramore