Magic is a dispel type and the most common of all dispel types. Magic effects exist both as buffs and debuffs and are usually inflicted by spell-casting classes.

Magic effects which grant an immunity effect (such as [Banish], [Divine Shield] and [Ice Block]) can only be removed by [Shattering Throw] or [Mass Dispel] (with  [Glyph of Mass Dispel]). Attempting to remove them using other dispels will cause an "Immune" message.

Only priests and restoration shamans have the ability to remove both buffs and debuffs of a magical kind, and only the priest's [Dispel Magic] and [Mass Dispel] can be used for removing both magical buffs and debuffs. Priests are also the only class capable of instantly removing multiple magic debuffs from a single target (by using Dispel Magic), and Mass Dispel is the only spell in the game that simultaneously removes magical buffs and debuffs, potentially removing 20 magical effects in one go.

List of magic removing abilities