• Magic Rooster Egg
  • Unique
  • Mount
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.
  • Requires Level 40
  • Requires Journeyman Riding
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

Magic Rooster mount

Magic Rooster Egg is obtained from the Fields of Honor TCG expansion set, from the "El Pollo Grande" card. Once the card's code is obtained, it can be redeemed in-game with Landro Longshot at Booty Bay.

Mount Journal

Magic in the hands of a genius can do wonderful, miraculous things. Magic in the hands of an idiot can make a giant rooster.


  • It crows and scratches like a real-life rooster.
  • The mount is not bound on pickup and can be sold at the Auction House. Due to its rarity and unique appearance, it tends to sell for very high prices.
  • Before mount speed started scaling, a level 40 version with ID:46778 existed.

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