Magister Lyanis

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AllianceMagister Lyanis
Image of Magister Lyanis
Gender Male
Race High elf (Humanoid)
Level 35
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Silver Covenant, Kirin Tor Offensive
Location Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder[51.4, 85.1]
Status Alive

Magister Lyanis is a high elf found at Ihgaluk Crag on the Isle of Thunder.

Objective of


  • These saurok just returned from an attack on the mogu. I will continue to observe them.
  • From what I've gathered, they're preparing for an attack on the mogu at dawn.
  • The saurok have been quiet lately, and are becoming restless. The time is ripe to turn them against the mogu.
  • The saurok leadership called off their attacks on the mogu. They plan on attacking the Horde and Alliance instead.

    It may be time to intervene.

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