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For the quests, see N [25-30D] Magisters' Terrace and N [70D] Magisters' Terrace.
Magisters' Terrace
MgT, MsT, MrT, MagTerr, MT and QD5
Magisters' Terrace loading screen
Magisters' Terrace loading graphic
Location Isle of Quel'Danas
Race(s) Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
Felblood elfFelblood elf Felblood elf
Ethereal Ethereal
NagaNaga Naga
IconSmall Shivarra Shivarra
Wretched Wretched
End boss IconSmall KaelWretched Kael'thas Sunstrider
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 70
Minimum level 68
Player limit 5
Key Ability warrior innerrage [Heroic Countenance]
Associated faction Shattered Sun Offensive

Magisters' Terrace is a 5-man instance located on the northeastern corner of the Isle of Quel'Danas, which was released in patch 2.4.0. The instance includes outdoor walkways and courtyards, as well as indoor areas that use similar architecture as Silvermoon City. There is a Scrying Orb found on a balcony past the second boss that gives a sneak peek of the nearby Sunwell Plateau raid. Following this, players meet with Kalec, the half-elf avatar of the blue dragon Kalecgos. The final boss is none other than Kael'thas Sunstrider, who has survived his ordeal in Tempest Keep. He appears in both normal and heroic modes and drops epic level loot from both levels of difficulty.


During the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, after Dar'Khan Drathir killed half of of the Convocation of Silvermoon, the traitorous high elf hid in a hall of the Magisters' Terrace and started a spell of binding the Sunwell and shot a fireball outside to let his Master Arthas know that the time has come to invade Quel'Danas.[1]

Situated on a ridge in northeastern Quel'Danas, Magisters' Terrace serves as a convenient base for Kael'thas and his underlings as they assist the proceedings in the Sunwell Plateau. Kael'thas stands poised to desecrate the ancient lands of his people with an incomparable evil. Should he succeed, the Legion's darkness will rapidly spread to all corners of Azeroth, extinguishing everything in its path.[2]

Dungeon Journal[]

After his defeat in the Tempest Keep, Kael'thas Sunstrider publicly revealed his alliance with the ruthless Burning Legion. Intent upon summoning the demon lord Kil'jaeden, Kael'thas has returned to the Isle of Quel'Danas to make the final preparations for his master's arrival.

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Kael'thas Sunstrider, disgraced lord of the blood elves, made his final stand in the terrace and ultimately lost his life. He was buried on Quel'Danas.

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The blood elves continue to care for the terrace. Kael'thas' hawkstrider is looked after here, as well as a rare phoenix hatchling. The terrace has become something of a museum since the war on Outland: items and artifacts reclaimed from the Sunwell have found their way here, others having been donated anonymously. Inv sword 116 [Apolyon, the Soul-Render] and Inv weapon bow 39 [Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury] are two notable items in the blood elves' keeping. The possessions and artifacts of the fallen Sunstrider dynasty are given places of honor in the terrace.[3]

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Magisters' Terrace is where the Trial of Style is held. Shadreen made a brief appearance here, collecting some information.





Magisters' Terrace

The Magisters' Terrace bosses

Bosses Monsters
  • Observation Grounds (Upper)


Normal mode[]

A full Magisters' Terrace clear will yield around 1640 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive up to revered, while after revered with the faction you will only get 1230 reputation. Most elite trash yield 12 reputation. Sunblade Sentinels yield 24 reputation. The Wretched Bruisers, Husks and Skulkers yield 9 reputation. The first three bosses yield 120 reputation until revered (0 after revered), while Kael'thas yields 240 reputation until revered (120 after revered). Brightscale Wyrms yield 1 reputation until revered (0 after revered).

Heroic mode[]

A full clear will yield exactly 2503 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive. Most elite trash yield 15 reputation. Sunblade Sentinels yield 30 reputation. The Wretched Bruisers, Husks and Skulkers yield 11.25 reputation. All the bosses yield 250 reputation each. Brightscale Wyrms yield 2 reputation.

Most of the boss fights are the same as in normal mode. The Kael'thas fight is a little different in that he casts a Pyroblast one minute into the fight (won't cast it if he enters gravity lapse mode before that). During the cast time he puts up a shield (Shock Barrier, absorbs 10K damage) which makes him immune to all interrupts. The shield is vulnerable to normal attacks and MUST be taken down before the Pyroblast casts. Once the shield is down, normal spell interrupts (counterspell, shield bash, kick etc.) will stop the casting. If the Pyroblast is not interrupted it will deal upwards of 40,000 damage to the tank. Pally tanks can bubble out of the first pyroblast, and it is suggested that if dps isn't able to burn through the Shock Barrier that a warrior tank pop shield wall and last stand, it is possible that this might enable him to live through 1 pyroblast but should a 2nd come he has no recourse. If you fail to stop the Pyroblast and your tank goes down, you can still easily finish. For at this point there is no aggro, Kael just spams the gravity effect

At Level 85[]

For those solo farming Shattered Sun reputation or for the mount or pet drops, Magisters' Terrace is fairly easy at level 85, but not a total walk in the park. Carelessness can result in dying to the mob groups after Mob Vexallus, as they have an assortment of close-in and ranged abilities that can prove dangerous if not accounted for properly, depending on one's class. As for the bosses, Mob Selin Fireheart and Mob Vexallus are rather easy DPS races at this level, as is Mob Kael'thas Sunstrider (though unless one has exceptional DPS, he will cast his gravity lapse, which is little more than an annoyance). The Mob Priestess Delrissa encounter, however, does require a little planning, as the assortment of stuns available to her group (depending on which ones are present) can make this encounter a challenge for cloth-wearing characters if one is not careful. As for gold farming, the mobs usually drop between 50 silver and one gold each, though sometimes (considerably) less. With the gold from selling the drops off the bosses and mobs, one can usually realize between 100-200 gold for a full heroic run, minus repair costs.


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  • Magisters' Terrace was the third 5-man instance to be added via patch. The first was Maraudon in Patch 1.2 and the second was Dire Maul in Patch 1.3, which opened in December 2004 and March 2005, respectively. The next 5-man instance to be added via patch would be Trial of the Champion in Patch 3.2, released in August 2009.
  • For a time this was the only dungeon to contain a cut scene while playing the game. It has later been joined by others such as Throne of the Tides, Gate of the Setting Sun, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds and Kings' Rest. Most other cut scenes in-game happen when you first create a new character or for a few specific quests.
  • A standardized abbreviation for the instance has yet to be decided upon. Among the various player-created abbreviations seen in game are the following: MgT, MsT, MrT (presumably after Mr. T), MT (causes ambiguity problems with Mana-Tombs), QD5 (Quel'Danas five-man), SPLAT5 (Sunwell Plateau five-man), Terrace, and MagT (differentiated from Magtheridon by the capital T at the end). Blizzard Community Manager Drysc commented on the official forums: "I think MST makes the most sense, Magisters' Terrace. But MGT works too."[4] For German players the abbreviation "TdM" is common. "Bancal" is the most common abbreviation for Spanish players.
  • It is also worth noting that this dungeon is kind of like a "best of" The Burning Crusade. The bosses each take something from one core aspect of Burning Crusade, but tune it down (or keep it at a similar difficulty). The First boss, Selin Fireheart, is very similar to Warlord Kalithresh, a 5-man final boss. The second boss, Vexallus, is similar to The Curator, a boss from the 10-man, Karazhan. The 3rd boss, is similar to Moroes, or even more so (due to the difficulty to tank it) a 5v5 Arena. And the final boss Kael'thas, is similar to a fight from a 25-man raid. Thus this dungeon takes the core aspects of 5-man dungeons, 10-man dungeons, PvP, and 25-man endgame, and tunes it down to a 5-man encounter.
  • Groups had to come prepared to this instance as the level of difficulty was greater than the hardest of the level 70 5-man instances like Shattered Halls and Shadow Labyrinth, and was on a similar level to that of beginning heroics such as Hellfire Ramparts and Underbog. On heroic mode Magisters' Terrace was one of the most difficult five man experiences at level 70.
  • Behind Kael'thas is an Orb of Translocation ("Escape to the Isle of Quel'Danas") that ports you to Vindicator Xayann at the Shattered Sun Staging Area.



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