Not to be confused with molten giant.

A Slag Behemoth.

Lord Rhyolith once his obsidian armor shatters.

Magma giants[1] are massive fire elementals[2] that are capable of volcanic eruptions[1] and forging new elementals.[2]

The magma giant Lord Rhyolith is one of the most ancient elementals in existence, having been born from the primordial fires that forged Azeroth itself.[2]

Aside from the Firelands in the Elemental Plane, magma giants can also be found on the alternate Draenor.



Notes and trivia

  • "Magma giant" is also another name used for molten giants.[3]
  • In their unarmored forms, magma giants bear a passing resemblance to Yellow Devil from the Megaman series.



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