• Magnificent Flying Carpet
  • Binds when picked up
  • Mount
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.  This mount changes depending on your Riding skill and location.
  • Requires Level 70
  • Requires Artisan Riding
  • Requires Tailoring (425)

Don't you dare close your eyes...

The Magnificent Flying Carpet is an epic flying carpet crafted by tailors.


This item is crafted with Tailoring (425); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv fabric frostweave imbuedbolt.png 12x [Bolt of Imbued Frostweave] Inv jewelcrafting gem 02.png 4x [Monarch Topaz]
Inv potion 11.png 4x [Red Dye] Inv potion 12.png 2x [Yellow Dye]
Inv misc web 01.png 4x [Iceweb Spider Silk]


  • The look of the carpet, as well as the buff description, is a clear reference to the Disney movie Aladdin.


This item, with the other flying carpets, have buffs "A new fantastic point of view!" and "Don't you dare close your eyes!" which are lyrics taken from Aladdin's A Whole New World.[1]

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