For Dalaran's similarly named current style of government, see Magocracy.
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Main leader IconSmall Human Male.gif Ardogan (founder)
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Base of operations Violet Citadel
Theater of operations Dalaran
Status Replaced

The Magocrats[1] (also referred as Magocrat lords[1] and Magocrat Lords of Arathor[2]) were the ruling archmagi of the city-state of Dalaran.[3]


After the foundation of Dalaran, the Magocrats eagerly devoted themselves to the arcane. They housed their growing libraries and research laboratories in the Violet Citadel, a towering spire raised by magic in the heart of the city.[3]

However, the constant and ungoverned use of magic began to tear the fabric of reality around the city and demons started to slip back into Azeroth, bringing with them conflict and misery [3] and sowing considerable confusion and chaos within the streets of Dalaran.[1] Most of these demonic encounters were isolated events, and the ruling Magocrats did what they could to keep such events hidden from the public.[1]

Fearing that the peasants would revolt and that Strom would take action against them,[1] the Magocrats turned to the only group they felt would understand their particular problem: the elves.[1][3]

Upon hearing the ruling human archmagi news of demonic activity in the thriving magocracy, the elves quickly dispatched their mightiest wizards to the lands of Arathor in order to investigate and report.[1] As a result, they informed the Magocrats that as long as they used magic, they would need to protect their people from the Burning Legion.[1][3] Thus, the elves and the Magocrats formed a secret order known as the Council of Tirisfal, charged to fight a never-ending secret war against the Legion.[1][3][2]

As Dalaran became the chief center of learning for magicians throughout the land, the Magocrat lords founded the Kirin Tor: a specialized sect charged with cataloging and researching every spell, artifact, and magic item known to mankind at the time.[4] The Kirin Tor eventually replaced the Magocrats at the head of Dalaran.[5]