Magril's Journal

Magril's Journal was written by the Shadow Council warlock Magril the Seer. It details his thoughts on having fallen out of Gul'dan's favor and his attempts to regain his place in the Council.



Magril's Journal can be found in a hut near the Dark Portal in Tanaan Jungle next to Magril himself.


Magril's Journal

Page 1

Curses! Managing the fel conversion pits should have been MY task! Nethekurse has outmaneuvered me again.

Now I am given the task of overseeing the clearing of the Dark Portal and guarding the local area. Guarding it from what? Vines? Gul'dan says prepare, but I think it more likely that my "brethren" discredited me and I have been sent into exile...

Page 2

Not long ago Gul'dan sent a courier to make sure I was still alive and following orders. I assured him that everything was going according to plan.

It would be difficult to fail this mission into exile. Aside from some wildlife and Bleeding Hollow scavengers that showed up a short time ago, nothing has happened.

While clearing the ruins of the Dark Portal, I have found that it still contains remnants of its power. I will begin fortifying what is left of the enchantments and send a message to Gul'dan. Perhaps this initiative will win me back into his good graces.

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