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NeutralMagtheridon's Forces
Pride of the Fel Horde TCG
Main leader IconSmall PitLord Magtheridon
Secondary leaders

IconSmall Doomguard Master of Pain

IconSmall Succubus Mistress of Torment

IconSmall PitLord Annihilan
Fel orcFel orc Fel orc
IconSmall Daemon Ered'ruin
IconSmall Mo'arg Mo'arg
IconSmall Succubus Sayaad
Man'ari eredarMan'ari eredar Man'ari eredar
IconSmall Voidwalker Voidwalker

IconSmall DragonNether Nether dragon
Capital Black Temple
Theater of operations Outland
Language(s) Orcish, Eredun
Sub-group(s) Fel Horde (Horde of Pain, Horde of Agony, Legion of Torment, Legion of Anguish)
Affiliation Burning Legion
Status Defeated, almost all surviving members joined Illidan's forces

Magtheridon's Forces[1][2] (also spelled Magtheridon's forces[2] or Magtheridon's army[3]) were the army belonging to the pit lord Magtheridon who served the Burning Legion. Illidan Stormrage took control of it after he deposed Magtheridon as the overlord of Outland.


After Draenor's destruction, the Burning Legion took advantage of the opening of portals[3] and took control of Outland; they established the mighty pit lord Magtheridon as its ruler. For years the Legion used Outland as a planar way station from which they could stage attacks on other worlds. They did these for various years, where they hunted down the remaining draenei,[4][3] enslaving some of them[1][2] and rallied the surviving orcs, turning them into the Fel Horde. Magtheridon's Forces grew stong over the years thanks to the Dimensional Gateways created by Ner'zhul,[1] from which he summoned demons to mantain his brooding fortress.[3]

Meanwhile, Illidan Stormrage tried to destroy the Frozen Throne as Kil'jaeden had commanded him but failed, for his unsuccesful mission he fled to Outland into exile fearing for his masters wrath. His allies Kael'thas and Vashj followed him, at their reunion Illidan told them that they should ensure that Kil'jaeden's agents have been cleansed from Outland.[5]

Illidan's first action against Magtheridon's Forces was to seal the Dimensional Gateways, his forces covered him in the process.[1] The blood elves and naga aided by a group of draenei led by Akama, who pledged his alligance to Illidan if he helped him to defeat the pit lord,[4] mantained the battle against the Fel Horde while Illidan closed the portals, aided by Kael, Vashj[1] and Akama.[4] When they were all closed Magtheridon's Forces where measurable as no reinforcements could arrive.[1]

Magtheridon was informed of Illidan's forces approach but was too confident that he would not be defeated and were just weaklings. The Black Temple was fortified by four orc encampments and many patrolling demons, besides towers that killed anyone who attempted to cross the doors. The draenei infiltrated and desactivated the doors from behind, then Kael and Illidan attacked for the front. Meanwhile, Vashj attacked by the aqueducts, destroying hydras and orcish ships. Illidan and Kael killed the Butcher and Rend, while Vashj killed Sagra'nel, then the two armies joined by a bridge and helped each other to kill Maim, Nera'thor, Master of Pain and Mistress of Torment. The inner chambers oppened, the draenai desactivated the last towers and Illidan's forces attacked to Magtheridon and his lackeys. After a battle the pit lord was defeated, who couldn't believe his defeat,[2] his defeat was mainly caused because he became complacent as he hadn't have a real enemy in many years and was taken by surprise by Illidan.[3]

After the defeat of Magtheridon's Forces, Illidan merged them into his own forces.[2] Stationing the Fel Horde in Hellfire Peninsula, putting Kargath Bladefist as the warchief and taking many of the demons to form the Illidari.[6]

Many thought that Magtheridon was killed[3] but he was just beaten and bloodied and taken to Hellfire Peninsula, where Illidan's most powerful warlock allies put him in magical and physical chains, there his was put to produce more Fel Orcs who can reinforce Illidan's forces even further.[3]

Other members[]



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

As the Fel Horde was created when Magtheridon arrived to Outland and enslaved and corrupted the orcs,[7] Kargath Bladefist might or may not have been its member.