HordeMagus Installation
Start Archmage Aethas Sunreaver
End Archmage Aethas Sunreaver
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Ghostlands
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous H [60] Tranquillien Besieged
Next H [60] A Knight's Weapon


Help Aethas and Rommath set up defenses in Tranquillien.

  • Southeast Ward armed (1)
  • Southwest Ward armed (1)
  • North Ward armed (1)


This is no mindless strike... I have a strong suspicion that some powerful entity is manipulating the Scourge.

Ever since the Helm of Domination was shattered, there has been a conceivable risk that someone else could exert their will and assume control over the undead--at least temporarily.

Rommath and I can help defend Tranquillien, but we need to break those lines.

Clear a spot for us. Let us see if we can draw out their leader.


You will receive:

  • 25g 74s


Rommath and I are ready to help set up the wards, once you clear out a spot for us.


The wards are in place, and that should give us some breathing room.

But this san'layn has me worried.


Southeast ward
Vorath yells: Ah, the rabble have arrived!
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: A san'layn, here? Take him down while we finish the ward!
Vorath says: See you soon... Ha ha hahaha...
Grand Magister Rommath says: That's not very reassuring. Quickly, to the next ward!
Southwest ward
Vorath yells: I have overcome death!
Grand Magister Rommath says: There he is again! Put him down for good!
Vorath says: Do you sense the futility yet?
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: One more ward to go. I suspect we'll soon have company.
North ward
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Here he comes!
Vorath says: You think to be rid of me so easily?
Grand Magister Rommath says: That's it! I Sensed a surge of magic coming from Deatholme at the moment of his demise. Let's get back to Liadrin and report what we have found.
On return
Lady Liadrin says: Salandria, report your findings. What do we face at Deatholme?
Salandria says: Even more Scourge than anticipated! But we managed to get close enough to look inside.
Salandria says: That san'layn Aethas mentioned had some sort of crystal array. He kept appearing within it... almost as if summoned.
Grand Magister Rommath says: That explains the surge of magic I sensed. That traitor has found a way to cheat his own death!
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: If we can overpower his safeguards, perhaps we can send his accursed soul to the Shadowlands for good.
Lady Liadrin says: Then that is our next move. Upstairs there is a weapon. If infused with the proper power and wielded by worthy hands, it just might change our fortunes.
Liadrin's gossip
May the Light aid us.
Gossip What sort of creature is a san'layn?
The san'layn are vampiric Scourge--a sect of darkfallen known for their guile and dark magic, particularly the manipulation of blood and shadow.
Vorath clearly is working on his own, in the absence of the Helm of Domination. The weaker Scourge flock to the more powerful.
If we can dispose of him, we can rout the rest.


  1. H [60] Summons from the Matriarch
  2. H [60] Briefing
  3. H [60] Tranquillien Besieged
  4. H [60] Death to the Scourge & H [60] Magus Installation
  5. H [60] A Knight's Weapon
  6. Complete all:
  7. H [60] Return to the Ghostlands
  8. H [60] I Am the Blade of the Light
  9. H [60] Justice Long Overdue
  10. H [60] Victory for the Sin'dorei / H Paladin [60] Blood Knight

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