For the ship in Tiragarde Sound, see The Maiden's Virtue.

The Maiden's Virtue lied docked in Menethil Harbor.

Maiden's Virtue was a ship docked in Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. The crewmen of the ship could be seen standing around the dock waiting for supplies to be loaded so they could sail off, but according to Red Jack Flint, the Maiden's Virtue hasn't set sail in years. Bart Tidewater was the ship's captain.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The remains of the Maiden's Voyage.

The Cataclysm caused the Maiden's Voyage to sink and the crew stand on the docks, looking on in sorrow. A conversation can be overheard as follows:

Bart Tidewater says: 'Tis a tragedy, boys. The curse of Menethil be on us all.
Red Jack Flint says: Cap'n, the Virtue hasn't set sail in years. It was just sittin' there.
Bart Tidewater says: Aye, and a damn fine job she did of it! But not as good as the Admiral.
Bart Tidewater says: We held our place here as long as we could, but it still wasn't enough.
Bart Tidewater says: Nobody could hold a place like him, lads. Nobody.
Red Jack Flint says: We know, Cap'n. We know.



  • The conversation above is a reference to Captain Placeholder, an NPC that existed in beta, and who would teleport players from Menethil to Auberdine instantly. This was due to the boat being glitched at the time.