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The Mak'Rogahn (or "duel of will") is an orcish Warsong clan's custom whereby someone may challenge another to prove his worth. The contenders fight in the pit until one of them is unable to continue. It is a pure display of will to survive any hardship and endure all pain. If one of the contenders surrenders, he is excommunicated from the clan. If neither surrenders, both are honored—the victor for winning and the loser for the will to fight to the end. Unlike Mak'gora it is not supposed to be a fight to the death, but accidents happen.

Mak'Rogahn was employed by Grommash to cull the shame from the day when an ogre raid nearly wiped out the clan.[1]

Known Mak'Rogahn

  • Issued by a Warsong armorer to Riglo for questioning his honor. Riglo won by knocking the armorer unconscious with a strong blow to the temple.
  • Issued by Grommash Hellscream to Garrosh Hellscream for insulting all Warsong. It was fought against the four guards whose negligence had allowed Garrosh to slip into the camp. Garrosh knocked out one and injured the other three opponents. As they crawled towards him to continue, Grommash called an end to the fight.

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