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NeutralMakasa Flintwill
Image of Makasa Flintwill
Title Binder,[1] Miss
Second Mate
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Hunter
Affiliation(s) Dryad
Former affiliation(s) Wavestrider, Blackwater Raiders
Occupation Captain of the Dryad, Tracker
Former occupation(s) Second mate of the Wavestrider, Lookout of the Sea King, Pirate
Location Dryad
Status Alive
Relative(s) Marjani (mother),
Reigol (father),[2]
Adashe, Akashinga, Amahle (older brothers),
Greydon Thorne ("surrogate father"), Aramar Thorne ("brother")
Companion(s) Murky, Hackle;
Thalyss Greyoak (formerly)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

“You better not be putting me in that blasted book?”

— Makasa to Aram.

Makasa Flintwill is a human girl who comes from Booty Bay, with her ancestors coming from Stromgarde. She is a capable hunter and tracker.[3]


Blackwater Raiders[]

Makasa was born as the fourth child of Marjani Flintwill, captain of the pirate ship Makemba of the Blackwater Raiders. Her other brothers were Adashe, Akashinga, whom she liked the most, and Amahle with whom she used to fight by tickling until she no longer was ticklish. They had four different fathers but none of them took care, so Marjani acted as mother and father. The four siblings were raised aboard the ship instead of inland. As such, Makasa came to know Booty Bay like the back of her hand, knew how to work on ship and fight at an early age. Marjani was especially tough (in a good sense) on her daughter because she saw herself in her youngest and she thought that her only daughter could one day rule the Raiders.

By the time she turned 15, she knew how to fight, raided several ships and took lives. When Adashe became a captain, she joined his crew on the Sea King as a lookout, with the other two brothers joining as well as mates. Joe Barker was chosen as his first mate. After several weeks, the Sea King plundered a merchant ship Winter's Knot. When they were enjoying its Lordaeron wine, Adashe's ship which was attacked by Bloodsail Buccaneers' two ships, the Killmonger and the Orca. The semi-drunk crew was easily defeated, with several members killed. The Flintwills, Joe and some others were tied. While the Orca left with its spoils, Killmonger's Ironpatch came to deal with the prisoners and immediately executed Adashe. Seeing this, the remaining tied brothers charged at the pirate captain. However, Ironpatch's crew bested the two and the orc killed them. As he noticed Makasa and was about to execute her as well, his attack was parried by Captain Greydon Thorne. The crew of the Wavestrider had silently sneaked on the Killmonger and then on the Sea King, fighting against the Bloodsails and releasing the captured Blackwater Raiders. Joe and Makasa immediately joined the fight. Her goal was the orc captain, so she grabbed Adashe's harpoon and threw it at Ironpatch's chest, plunging him into the sea.

With the Bloodsails defeated, Makasa offered herself to join Greydon's crew as she now owed him a life debt. Joe approached and told Thorne that it is a custom of her ancestors, so Greydon couldn't refuse. Seeing how he just lost his second and third mate, and how the two fought, Thorne decided to take Joe as his second and Makasa as his third. Joe, however, aware he just failed his own captain, instead proposed him to take Makasa as the second mate and himself as the third. Captain Greydon agreed. As she boarded the Wavestrider, her life as a pirate was over, as were the lives of her brothers who were sunk into sea. Greydon invited her to tell him about her life and Makasa came to knew the love of a father.[4] Greydon promised her that he would not use the life debt she now owed him. Makasa remained with the crew, traveling aboard the Wavestrider for the next two years.

More than a year later, the Wavestrider crew arrived to Gadgetzan. Durgan One-God took her to see Thunderdrome.[5]


Some time after the Cataclysm, the crew stopped in Stormwind Harbor in order to board Greydon's son, Aramar Thorne. The two didn't become friends at that time nor during the next six months. Despite this, she kept a constant watch over him, with various orders and teases. They had an ongoing joke about not putting her in his sketchbook. Makasa and Aram were the only ones not having a contract on the ship. As the second mate, she was often seen near Greydon in areas such as Flayers' Point.

Makasa has been waking Aram up and after six months their relationship would change drastically. The Wavestrider was betrayed by Jonas Cobb and got into conflict with the Hidden led by Malus. During the fight, Greydon called for the life-debt - to protect Aram as he released both of them out of the Wavestrider. Rowing the boat they managed to land in Feralas and Aram convinced her to go to Gadgetzan instead of Feathermoon Stronghold. She maintained her role as a guardian, providing him forest's food. They were soon joined by the murloc Murky (much to her disdain) and night elven druid Thalyss Greyoak. After Murky was caught by the Hidden, Aram's group stumbled upon a group of Gordunni ogres led by Wordok. She managed to kill three of his ogres - Kerskull, Bordok, and Kronk - but was forced to jump into a nearby river. She followed their trail and caught up with them. She refrained from attacking the ogres directly but imagined killing Wordok with satisfaction. She followed them into Dire Maul where she watched the events unfold, trying to get Thalyss' attention. She was eventually reunited with Aram and the druid when the Hidden entered the city and Malus challenged King Gordok. As the chaos erupted Makasa rushed to save Murky from being torn apart by Wordok. She stabbed the ogre and was in turn embraced by the murloc. She noticed that Wordok stood up and began to approach them but was soon stopped and killed by the gnoll Hackle.

She ultimately left the ruined city on the wyvern One-Eye with Aram, Thalyss, Murky, and Hackle. Thalyss was injured and succumbed to his wounds atop Skypeak. Thalyss made her promise to help Aram in his quest, which she now gladly confirmed to do. After he died, she removed two arrows from his back. Upon burying the elf and witnessing Aram's revelation about a voice of light, the group resolved to continue to Gadgetzan.

The relationship between the two youngsters improved as Aram realized that Makasa considered Greydon a father. The two started treating themselves as siblings.[6] At this point, they have been in Feralas for close to a month. The day after Thalyss died, she asked Aram to sketch her.[7]


  • She is five feet ten inches tall.[8]
  • She has webbed toes.[9]
  • She is called Mrksa by Murky.
  • Makasa was 17 years old during the events of Traveler, taking place in Cataclysm. She is around 28 - 29 in Dragonflight.


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Her brothers were killed by Ironpatch of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, but the first book says that there was no possibility of saving them from the Horde.[10] It could be speculated that she blames the Horde because Ironpatch was an orc. Alternatively, it could be an oversight and a mistake.