Make Contact with SI:7

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AllianceMake Contact with SI:7
Start Erion Shadewhisper
Hulfdan Blackbeard
End Veruca Darkstream
Level 8 (Requires 8)
Type Class
Category Rogue
Experience 150
Reputation +10 Stormwind
Next A Rogue [8D] A Royal Reward
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Rogue [8] The Shattered Hand.


Speak with Veruca Darkstream at the Training Hall in Stormwind.


It seems that the leaders of SI:7 have taken an interest in your progress and your service to the Alliance. Veruca Darkstream, a high ranking member of SI:7, has asked to speak with you. Veruca is awaiting your arrival at the Training Hall in Stormwind.

I'm not sure what she wants with you, but it seemed important.


You will receive:


I hope my message didn't unnerve you, <name>. I have called you here to recognize your accomplishments.


Due to an implementation error, the player completing this quest will get an error sound and the message "You don't meet the requirements for that quest." Proceed into the SI:7 building, and speak to either Lord Tony Romano or Arthur Huwe to pick up the next quest, A Rogue [8D] A Royal Reward.

In Legion, the quest ender was changed from Osborne the Night Man to Lord Tony Romano.


  1. A Rogue [8] Make Contact with SI:7
  2. A Rogue [8D] A Royal Reward

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