Making Repairs

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HordeMaking Repairs
Start Lurz
End Lurz
Level 74 (Requires 73)
Type Daily PvP
Category Grizzly Hills
Experience 20750 (or 9g 96s at level 80)
Reputation +250 with Warsong Offensive
Rewards 5g 60s


Lurz at Blue Sky Logging Grounds wants you to collect 4  [Grooved Cog], 3  [Notched Sprocket], and 2  [High Tension Spring].


Twenty shredders by noon tomorrow!

Who makes these schedules, anyway? No one who ever put one of these garbage cans back together, that's who....

If I'm going to hit my quota, I'll need a hand. Help me out and I'll share my commission with you - fair enough?

I need cogs, sprockets and springs. They're littered across the ground down by the shredders.


You will receive: 5g 60s


Ya fetch those parts for me yet?


Thanks, <name>. That should keep me going - at least until tomorrow....

Here's the cash I promised.



This quest is part of  Grizzled Veteran (Horde)

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