Maktu's Revenge

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AllianceMaktu's Revenge
Start Maktu
End Maktu
Level 64 (Requires 62)
Category Zangarmarsh
Experience 10750
Reputation +250 Kurenai
Rewards  [Adept's Elixir]
or  [Onslaught Elixir]
7g 40s
Previous A [64] Natural Armor


Locate and kill Mragesh, then return to Maktu at the Orebor Harborage.


Last time Maktu was out hunting hydras for hides at Serpent Lake, he was attacked by the biggest hydra he's ever seen. Maktu reached for his spear, but it was too late. He had just enough time to escape becoming hydra food.

Who knows? Maybe next time, Maktu not be so lucky. Maktu wants to be there so there won't be a next time. Will you help Maktu get his revenge on Mragesh?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv potion 96.png [Adept's Elixir] Inv potion 58.png [Onslaught Elixir]

You will also receive:


Long time ago, Maktu might have used Mragesh's hide to make strong armor. Mragesh far too old for that now. Hide too soft for good armor.


<Maktu nods approvingly.>

Maktu is thankful for your help. Maktu's pride is satisfied. He will not be caught off guard again.

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