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Gender Female
Race Tuskarr
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Deceased husband, Taruka, Unka (daughters)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Makusha is the mother of the tuskarr Taruka and Unka, left to care for them after their father died at sea. The night before their clan began their journey to Kamagua, the three had a dinner which, as often happened, was not a happy occasion. Unka sulked because Taruka hadn't earned enough knots to buy kite silk for her, and Makusha barely ate before she resumed working on an undershirt, a surer but slower and less respected way of earning knots. Makusha had taught Taruka to sew, and together they could've finished the shirt faster. In answer to her mother's unspoken criticism, Taruka declared that she would catch enough fish on the way to Kamagua to buy tusk polish for her as well as Unka's kite silk. In response, Makusha made a noise that Taruka interpreted as one of doubt.

While Taruka took her boat, Makusha and Unka accompanied most of the rest of the clan to Kamagua by going across the ice. Taruka eventually arrived to the town riding the corpse of a huge sea monster she'd slain along the way, and dozens of tuskarr gathered on the shore to witness the spectacle. Taruka spotted her mother and sister in the crowd and waved at them. In response, the entire crowd waved back.[1]